How to Fix PowerShell Has Stopped Working in Windows?

I am glad that the fix worked for you - Keep malwarebytes premium and you will not see such malwares again.

I think this fix worked, but time will tell; I only completed the process about an hour ago. So far though, my machine works faster than even before the Poweliks infection, because I probably removed a ton of old malware too.

Thanks for replying, I will take a look at your other guide. Thanks for the help on this!

awesome. you saved me $200 from an online tech support.

I cannot thank you enough for the guide. I highly appreciate the fix.

This worked!! Great post. Thank you

After malwarebytes scan, are you still experiencing the powershell has stopped working error?

You are THE MAAAN!!!

I was able to run both of the other programs without any problems.

Hi Lindsey

Unfortunately, the tool is not supported on 8.1.

Were you able to run malwarebytes in safe mode?


Hello! This post is a lifesaver so far, however, I use Windows 8.1 and am unable to download EsePoweliksCleaner. When I download I receive a text document that reads, “Sorry but this Windows version is not supported!” I am assuming that this program does not yet support Windows 8. Is there an equivalent program I could use? I have yet to find one. Thank you in advance!

Thank you - it worked.

Not going well. I repeated the entire process of downloading, running, etc all in SAFE mode. Twice. Each time took 4+ hours. I ran into the issues previously mentioned with security block, resetting IE, etc. When attempting to reboot in normal mode, I learned that my boot sequence had been changed. Fixed that. Now I no longer get the powershell warning but the computer is virtually unusable due to high CPU and memory taken. There are well over 100 processes running and most are duplicates (surrogates?) This issue exists in safe mode also.

I did run the malwarebytes on my other computer (with no known viruses). It picked up a few objects so I quarantined, rebooted to clean, as required. All is well.

When running the malwaebytes on the problem computer it never indicated any objects to be quarantined and cleaned.

Any new help would be appreciated.

I thought I posted this last night but can’t find it. Malwarebytes what if you have it on CD/DVD? Can it be installed in safe mode?

Thank you for posting the guide. It took 7 hours and cleaned up my PC from those damn threats.

I followed the steps and this fixed my issue. How did i catch the virus?

Hi Jon

I hope it works. Keep me posted.


Hi Sean

  1. You can download AdwCleaner, it is not harmful.
  2. McAfee, AVG, Norton doesn’t detect rootkits and malwares. I guess, they are not designed to, they would only detect viruses, now is the age of malwares.


This was easy to follow and i’m up with my system, faster then before. Feels safe now since it found 56 malwares. Thank you for this fix.

Did you download malwarebytes from the malwarebytes website and did you select “Safe Mode with Networking” and did you include all the drives shown in the right pane?