How to Fix "Preparing Automatic Repair" Error on Windows?

Originally published at: How to Fix "Preparing Automatic Repair" Error on Windows?

The “Preparing Automatic Repair” error occurs when users turn on their computer and try to boot into Windows, and this error sometimes occurs after a power loss, power outage, etc. Sometimes it can be ignored. This issue also occurs after a failed Windows Update. The Preparing Automatic Repair Screen is stuck. When a Windows Update…

Check this link for images and the options that might be different depending upon your manufacturer:

I’m stuck in this loop and don’t have a backup, if I reset but save all my files will it keep my Minecraft and other games’ data or will that get wiped?

P.s. I’m using a ASUS laptop

I also have the same issue and it has not been resolved. I first thought it is some sort of win10 file error. I swapped the ssd and ram to another pc to test and it boots into win10 successfully. BTW, I have two Intel NUC6ixxxx so I can test it.

Start your system and interrupt it by forcing it to shutdown (repeat this cycle for 3 times) and you will be taken to the advanced mode. From there, choose System Restore and restore the system to the point when it was working ok.

I have been trying all day to fix this error ang I cannot get out of it… My laptop Samsung wont even let me boot to DVD or USB even if I press on the Bios shortcut… It wont even allow me to reformat or reinstall windows. Please help!!


First, try doing a shutdown 2-3 times from the “automatic repair” window. This may interrupt the process, and automatically take you to advanced settings, if that happens then you can run a system restore from there to the point when the system was working.

Hi Kevin. My wife computer has been having this issue except it doesn’t loop it starts to boot and then freezes on the preparing automatic repair screen. Sometime the words actually appear sometimes they don’t but we never get the loading circle. I can’t get it to enter the setup menu or the boot menu no matter how many buttons I smash or the number of times. We also downloaded the update off of the internet so we have no disk or physical copy. If you can help at all I would greatly appreciate.

Hi I am in BIOS have a HP Envy but do not find the option for XD bit! Help!

Hello Kevin, tried interrupting 3 times, shutting down while looping using hold power button, tried command prompt using fixmbr, fix boot, rebuildbcd, tried system restore, tried to reset…no joy. still loops Preparing Automatic Repair…it’s a Samsung NP355V5C, originally WIN8, upgraded to WIN10…ANY help is appreciated, thanks in advance

Power it off, then turn it back on, at the windows logo screen power it off again, and turn it back on, repeat the cycle three times. and see.

I have one thats doing the same thing but its not giving me the advanced options it just restarts after the attempt repairs is the another way to restore to an earlier point

No good it still doesnt show advanced options

Thanks, I tried restarting it several time by just holding the power button and forcing a restart. It didn’t work then I just pulled the plug out of the wall when it was in the middle of looping and I think it interrupted the process like you said. Whatever happened it worked so I really appreciate the help.