How to Fix Right Click Menu Randomly Popping Up on Windows?

Originally published at: How to Fix Right Click Menu Randomly Popping Up on Windows?

A lot of Windows 10 users have been reporting a weird issue where the right-click context menu is randomly popping up without any user action. The vast majority of affected users are reporting that this issue is occurring at random intervals with no apparent trigger. Although the issue is much more common on Windows 10,…

I simply checked the box of " switch primary and secondary button" in mouse properties and it got sorted!

I clicked on switch primary and secondary button and it got sorted!

none of the above suggestions worked. I still face the random right click popups hampering my normal work

I am facing the problem when scrolling the mouse wheel. after wheel scrolling mouse behavior dont act normal, Its blocking my mind, dont know what to do now

Try removing or changing the mouse, the problem could be related to the mouse !

It happened to me, so I changed browsers from Chrome to Firefox, the problem stopped for a few weeks but now its back, I am getting desperate because I have tried all the options listed on here but the issue persists, shall I go for a full recovery ?

Try to uninstall the Touchpad and mouse drivers and then reinstall the completely.