How to Fix the Acer Touch Pad and Left Click Not Working

Originally published at: How to Fix the Acer Touch Pad and Left Click Not Working

Acer laptops all use a touchpad mouse, and when it stops being responsive, it is usually a result of driver issues. If your touchpad is no longer responding, and you are having trouble with the left and right-click buttons, then updating your drivers could solve the issue. If, however, there is a hardware problem, you…

Thank you. I’m PC illiterate, it was as simple as F7.

Perfect Answer!!! Pressing F7 key on my Acer Laptop restored the touchpad, left and right buttons. Thank a mil!!! NOTE TO SELF: BE MINDFUL NOT TO PRESS F7 WHEN USING VOLUME CONTROL FUNCTION KEYS Oprah Winfrey Omg GIF

Function F12 will also lock up the keypad on Acer Aspire A515-54

Thank you for your support. I was able to bring the cursor of one of my daughters’ Laptop. I really appreciate it. What I did was just find for the hand touching the pad icon and pressed it.

We did add a new solution, you can check if that fixes it. Solution 5.

I have a Chromebook 15. My touch pad is not working. Everywhere I searched it’s telling hit fn or delete. I don’t have these keys on my Chromebook. I also tried to use a wireless mouse. I see the mouse but still can’t make selection

its really helpful I did the third method

Method 3 is fantastic it gives more than this problems

  1. Take the battery out
  2. Remove the charging pin from the laptop (but make sure it is still plugged into the wall socket)
  3. Put the charging pin back into the laptop.
  4. Put the battery back into the laptop.
  5. Turn it on and see if it works or not if not then, take the battery out, the charger out as well. Press and hold the power button for 10 secs, to release stored power, and then connect everything back to test.

i’ve also updated the method.

Hi Kevin,
In Method 2 above you say to
2. Remove your laptop’s charger.
3. Quickly remove the battery out of your laptop, ensuring that it is still plugged into a power outlet.

The only power input to my acer laptop is the 19 volt dc supply / charger. If I remove this charging cable then I have no power input. Disconnecting the battery will cause the laptop to cutout, go off, crash.

What is the charger? and how do I disconnect it while “ensuring that it is still plugged into a power outlet”?