How to Fix the Issue of an SSD Not Showing Up in Windows

Originally published at: How to Fix the Issue of an SSD Not Showing Up in Windows

A missing SSD drive in Windows can be a frustrating issue caused by the drive not being properly initialized or an oversight in the setup process. It’s also possible that the operating system or BIOS/UEFI firmware might not detect the drive if it’s not correctly installed or encountered issues during system boot-up. SSD Not Showing…

thank you so much, i couldnt find the command and this was the solution (along with n°5)

Me too, Thanks.

Hey Greg,

Thank you so much for your input this is a quick and easy method of doing the first method in our article.

I recently installed Windows 10 on a machine and for some reason the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter is not in the troubleshooter list. If you’re having this issue, run this in Command Prompt to access it:

msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic

i can see ssd drive while installing win10

Thank you!

Wow. Hours and hours and hours trying to get my SSD to work. Trawling the web so one grain of hope. And here it is. Thank you so much!!

Now I just need to buy a new keyboard after taking out my frustrations on it! Haha.

The windows installation method was very surprising to me, as an IT expert my self I have tried all the above mensioned except the installation method. you are a genius.

The third party worked for me. As to why windows disk manager did not work I have no idea. Spent 3 hours and once I made the petition using the free version windows noticed it.

Pro tip though not mentioned and is important. Make sure to change to AcHI. You will need to boot into safe mode before making the change in BIOS. Once change is done and you have done a full cycle of logging back in while in safe mode you can exist safe mode and boot from normal. You do this to avoid a fresh install.