How to Fix Update 20H2 won't Install on Windows 10?

Originally published at: How to Fix Update 20H2 won't Install on Windows 10?

Recently, Microsoft released the feature Windows 10 version 20H2, also known as the “October 2020 Update” for everyone. This is a huge update that includes a number of new features, security improvements, and various bug fixes. The latest feature update version 20H2 offered to all compatible devices via windows update. But recently users have experienced…

Try this: Fix: 'Windows Might Be Installed in an Unsupported Directory' Error

can someone explain that - why i cant keep data - and if i continue will it delete everything ?

Actually, you will have to convert your Windows Drive from MBR to GPT before disabling the CSM and enabling UEFI. We do have an article on this topic but be careful with steps as a mistake can cause issues and data loss. We won’t be responsible for any damages.

hi could someone help me figure out how to diable CSM on a asus motherboard. i tried disabling i, but windows doesnt boot if i have it disabled. maybe im doing something wrong?

Will try. But, I hope I will find CSM in bios…

thanks was having a lot of trouble updating

If you have a Ryzen system make sure CSM is set to disabled in bios or this upgrade (20h2) will fail.