How to Fix USB Error Digital Signature (Code 52) Error

Originally published at: How to Fix USB Error Digital Signature (Code 52) Error

Error Code 52 in either the device manager or DXDiag tells you that Windows can’t verify the digital signature for the drivers for a specific device. You won’t be able to install drivers for the device, and it might just as well stop functioning. This issue happens for a lot of users, especially with Windows…

It seems like your Mouse’s hardware is the issue and Windows is preventing the use of a driver so your computer doesn’t get hurt. I suggest you to try a different mouse and check to see if the issue persists. Let me know how it goes.

Thank you, it’s work for me. Method #1.

The method was verified before it was published, maybe you deleted the wrong file

Will get this updated.

There is a command missing from the Method 2, instruction 1 - what needs to be typed in, and presumably with “hit Enter”?
Also, is Method 1 done before Method 2? My reading is that M1 is done first, then either one of the two items listed under M2 or that under M3. This is confusing and inconsistent, and Step 1 would be better followed by the three Methods.
Finally, is Method 3 only for use with Win 8 or 10? If so the word “only” should be inside the brackets.
Without the answer to my first query I cannot make use of this guide. I thank you for doing what you have done but as it stands it is incomplete.
steve m - Win7

Method #1 broke my laptop :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks buddy it worked!!!

Thank you for identifying. I’ve amended it.

In method #2 there’s a typo with the command bcedit, should be bcdedit which is shown in the cmd graphic below it.