How To Fix WiFi keeps Disconnecting On Windows?

Originally published at: How To Fix WiFi keeps Disconnecting On Windows?

The WIFI or internet keeps disconnecting issue usually occurs due to misconfiguration in the network settings. Some of the settings that have been accused of triggering this issue are having a public profile in the network settings, enabled power saving feature to the WIFI card, faulty DNS settings, stopped WIFI connection services, and corrupted network…

If the issue is also with the USB ports then it might be a hardware issue. Put the computer in safe mode and check if the problem still occurs. Start enabling background services and apps to check if it comes back. Identify the culprit which makes the issue come back.

Hello, we have updated the article can you please try the method 2 and inform us if it solves your issue

This indicates a hardware issue, please try to replace your network adapter.

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ok. This article is 2018, I see online this issue existed since the beginning of Windows10 and they still can not fix it. Who in the world can operate when the internet breaks every few minutes? Switching to MAC as soon as possible. I have a new Windows 10 Dell and this is ridiculous, I will try this fix above, which now seems to be “Hotspot” instead of wifi sense.

I have had many years working in IT and became very frustrated when this happened to me! After many hours of trying I solved the problem easily by removing BitDefender anti virus. I could not trace the exact cause but it seems concerned with its web protection element. Disabling this does NOT fix the problem, the entire package must come off! I was somewhat surprised that a market leader of their standing would release software that causes such a problem. I have found many people with this problem and in every case, removing this software did the trick!

Here’s what fixed my issue. Your router operates on channels with a certain amount of bandwidth. Think of that bandwidth like a multi lane highway and users are cars on that highway. If you are on a bandwidth with too many wireless users your experience will be slow and sluggish. If your router channel selection is set to “auto” it will continuously disconnect you from your connection to look for a different channel. Fix: Log into your router. In your browser type “” Unless you’ve changed it the login and pw are default set at “admin” and “admin”. Once into your router page click on the 2G or 5G tab, or do for both if you use both. Change your Channel from auto to one of the several channel numbers available. If you choose a busy channel you can go in and change it again until you find one that works well in your area and your router will not be constantly searching for less populated channels. There is a great app you can use to see the traffic on each channel called InSSIDer. It shows you graphs of channel population so you can choose accurately.

The only thing that has worked for me (so far) is going to the command prompt and typing
netsh winsock reset
Then restart the computer.

So far, my computer has stayed connected for more than 24 hours. Before this, my computer was disconnecting throughout the day.

Did not work.

didnt work pls help

Thank you sir, I did so yesterday and it solved the issue, thank you once more

Good evening
Please sir, I have tried most of all these methods to solve the problem… It didn’t work out. It will only work for some time and then disconnect

This issue still persist even after booting to my Ubuntu 22.04. For at first, I thought by booting to Windows 10, would solve the issue, thinking its a linux issue. To my surprise, it wasn’t, this issue started mid January this year.

Please help out, anyone

repeat the process for all the Network drivers in the list.

I’m having the same problem. For option 2, the boxes were already unchecked.

WiFi Sense is not an option in my Windows 10
I did solve it by going to “Change advanced sharing options” and under “Private” check “Turn on network discovery” and “Turn on automatic setup of network connected devices”.
Under “Guest or Public” check “Turn off network discovery”.
Under “Domain” also checked “Turn off network discovery”
Under “All Networks” I checked “Turn off Public folder sharing” as I not wanna share any folders.
It was turned off under “Private” and on under “Guest or Public” before I changed it.

It seemed a bit slow so I updated the drivers from the provider as Windows did not find new drivers. After that was done it worked a lot better and more stabile and did not disconnect every 20-30min.

Hope this was of any help for others.

This worked for - thanks so much! On the later versions of Windows 10 there’s no longer the WiFi Sense option but there is a HotSpot section which is similar.
Thanks again.

the issue is not only that wifi disconnects… it completely disables the wifi adapter and other USB ports forcing you to restart the computer in order to be able to connect again and for the USB ports to work again.