How to Fix Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor Issue?

Originally published at: How to Fix Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor Issue?

The black screen with cursor issue occurs when Explorer.exe does not load at startup. Although the issue can be resolved quickly, it may not be fixed if the Explorer.exe entry is removed from the shell in the registry editor. How to Fix Windows Black Screen With Cursor? Corrupted graphics drivers and system files are some…

I’ve raised this issue with Reimage, and they should be in touch with you.

when you see the windows logo, power it off by pressing the power button on the system then turn it back on, try the cycle for 3-4 times to see if it can be pushed into the repair or advanced mode

We’ve found that by disabling the “App Readiness” service, it doesn’t come up to a black screen. Boots right up…

Windows 10 is the most unreliable OS I’ve dealt with. It has more bugs than a $10 motel. I’m having similar issue. Black screen with white arrow. Tried everything u said to them. It started out with blue screen. It was checking disc for errors for 3 days. I just turneed it off cause my hubby told me to then I turned it back on but just had black screen with just white mouse. :frowning:

Sorry I’m not very good with computers, what do you mean buy interrupt? And when exactly is it loading Windows? After I have entered my password? And what do you mean by repair mode? Can I go to the desktop when it’s in repair mode? And how do you restore the system? Sorry for all the questions haha

Reboot PC and interrupt it whilst it is attempting to load windows, repeat this 2-3 times so it can automatically push the system to boot into repair mode, once in repair mode restore the system to the point when it was working.


Since the black screen issue is triggered by a number of reasons, it is difficult to pin-point it which is why i have listed several methods that has worked for some, and not for others. I would suggest that we do a system restore, and then turn off windows updates. Can you start your computer, and interrupt it by shutting it down at the windows logo screen, repeat the process three times, and tell me what happens?

I’ve tried everything. Nothing ever works. It will be black with no cursor for 4 or 5 days and then it eventually seems to go back to a restore point or something. I’m not sure how. I just wake up in the morning and it’s back on. It will be back for a day or 2. We have updated the drivers, but then it will inevitably go back to black. Yesterday it was back after a 5 day hiatus. I shelled out the money for Reimage Software’s product key. They make you call them to activate it which is really just an opportunity for them to up sell you. I bought into it for another $99. I didn’t care. I was desperate. They ran all of their scans remotely and surprise surprise when they shut it down at the end it won’t come back. It’s black again. I called their tech support and they keep speaking to me as if I can see the computer screen and telling me it’s a problem with the power cable for my monitor when I’ve already said over and over again it’s a lap top. I’m really beyond disappointed that these so called windows experts aren’t familiar with this issue when a quick Google search shows us that it is extremely common for Windows 10 users. As of right now it is still black and reimage hasn’t called me back yet. If they are able to resolve it for me I will update it. Otherwise I don’t recommend reimage for this issue.

Hi i updated to Windows 10 a while ago and today it started a regular update. When the update finished I got to the login screen and entered my password as usual but then I got to a black screen and only the cursor was there. I can do ctrl+alt+delete and go to the screen where you can choose the task manager but the task manager doesn’t open when I click it I just get thrown back to the black screen. I’ve tried restarting but it doesn’t work. I’ve also tried method 1 and it doesn’t work either. Really hope you can help me. Thanks

It may be possible, that your graphic drivers are not compatible with windows 10. best, if you can downgrade back to windows 7.

Nothing :frowning: I’ll call them on Tuesday again to trouble shoot. I’m just really frustrated because I’m 5 months outside of my extended warranty and it was working like a dream up to that point.

What happens when you press and hold ctrl + alt + del keys?

I’m so upset my system isn’t even 2 1/2 yes old and this happened. I’ve tried everything. I was on the phone with ibuypower for about 30 minutes and it ended up still not working. I’ll try and call them again. The rep made it seem like there was something really wrong with my computer because I didn’t even have some options (with the recovery disk in it wouldn’t allow a recovery/ manufacturer settings ). Sigh

Well, I really didn’t know what exact graphic card driver in my laptop. So I used Driver Talent to scan and it found the compatible one for me. Though there were some other steps I followed, at least I updated the graphic card driver easily. Thank you. I will share this with my friends. Thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :slight_smile: