How to Fix Windows 10 Pin Issues when Logging In

Originally published at: How to Fix Windows 10 Pin Issues when Logging In

Windows 10 provide a very convenient way of logging in to your Windows using a pin code. However, some users are experiencing problems with the Windows 10 pin login. After a Windows Update, users can’t sign in using their previous pin code. And this isn’t related to users forgetting their pin codes. It seems like…

That’s great!

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I took my Acer All-in-One to a computer store and they solved the problem. I am in Thailand, so it was not expensive.

That’s really unfortunate, is it possible for you to provide me a picture of the login screen so I can better understand the situation?

Very kind of you to reply – and especially at such length. After struggling with this problem for 3 days and after reading the hundreds of messages on-line from people with similar problems, I contemplated saving up for an Apple computer…
P.S. None of the solutions suggested by you and others worked. I have filed for divorce from Bill Gates…

Follow these steps to boot into the safe mode:-

  1. Once you are on the Log-in page, hold the right shift button on your keyboard and press the restart button on your Windows.
  2. Click “Troubleshoot > Advanced Settings > Startup Settings > Restart”.
  3. Once the computer is restarted, check if you can see the login screen. If you can simply log in and follow the steps.

(Note: If you can’t see the login screen, restart your computer, hold the right-shift button on your keyboard then press the restart button on your Windows but now click the following options: “Troubleshoot > Advanced Settings > Startup Repair”. Wait for it to try and repair the possible problems.

  1. Once you are in the safe mode, press and hold the Windows key then press the “R” key. This should open the Run program.
  2. Type: “msconfig” and press enter.
  3. In the “General” tab select “Normal Startup” then restart your computer.
  4. Check to see if the issue persists.

If the issue persists, then unfortunately you will have to reset your Windows.

This is noted. I dont have a choice but to reformat my laptop. Thank you so much

Unfortunately, you can’t do it because it’s not possible. Each and every software that lets you remove the lock from another user account requires UAC access and that’s only possible if you know the password of an Administrator account.


I am having trouble accessing my admin account. I cant run cmd or Powershell as admin with out Admin permission and I cant install application with admin permission. How to change my admin password?

Hoping you can help me please