How to Fix Windows Updates Taking Forever to Install

Originally published at: How to Fix Windows Updates Taking Forever to Install

Microsoft releases a lot of Windows updates to fix problems or to add new features to the Windows. Although these Windows updates are very useful in keeping the system updated it might become a headache as well. Some of these Windows updates, especially on Windows 10, might take a really long time to complete. The…

I’d agree with you really.

I’m removing this piece of crap. I thought I disabled everything to prevent updating this m$ POS, but it still tries to update. What’s worth to note their insecurity policy in this broken by design POS was made by total morons. There are dozens of ‘security’ settings for same thing, so even winblows doesn’t know what’s going on. Thankfully there’s Linux.

It took me over eight hours to install the 2004 update.

Complete hogwash. MSFT has screwed it’s customers again, loading up tons of tracking systems to invade your privacy. This is the reason for updates taking forever to install, downloading your info, bypass your security, etc. PLUS redefining

Seriously, dump MSFT and go Linux. It will only get worse…_NSAKEY for those who know.

If doing updates are such a problem, why do them? I was having problems with hard failures of my ASUS computer when obsessively installing every update that Microsoft recommended. I got sick of it, and my Windows 8.1 PC has been purring like a kitten ever since. I often am able to keep it up for months at a time, unless there is a power outage. It’s great to actually use the computer, and not maintain it all of the time.

Great article, thanks for the help!