How to Get Google Assistant for Windows PC

Originally published at: How to Get Google Assistant for Windows PC

Google Assistant is available on nearly every Android phone recently made, but there’s currently no desktop version available. However, today I’ll show you a (somewhat tedious) method of getting Google Assistant running on your Windows machine. As of this writing, there’s no fancy GUI for what we’re about to do, and the installation is going…

the command prompt wouldnt recognize it

Edit: nm. i just had to install the latest version of python

You have to find the directory of the path and change it to the one on your computer.

Cannot find the path to the json file in the second command. please help.

py –m googlesamples.assistant.auth_helpers —client–secrets

what path an i changing this to?

Well much simpler is to use Cortana in windows ( use English language not Dutch) I have google home module but that cannot open a browser in windows on my pc for it is not coupled to pc but to network.

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for Sharing.
Is there any possiblity to navigate in browser using voice assistant…