How to Install 32-Bit Software on 64-bit Windows

Originally published at: How to Install 32-Bit Software on 64-bit Windows

It gets trickier for users to choose between the “32-bit” and “64-bit” Architectures that Windows supports. In spite of the fact that 64-bit is much faster and capable of handling more RAM. Some applications still only support the “32-bit” architecture. Newer operating systems do have the option to use 32-bit applications on 64-bit architecture. This…

You can try downloading the 64-bit version of Itunes 10.

Why is this necessary? Windows 64 bit already allows 32bit programs to install. I’ve never needed to tweak anything.

Execute this command in Command Prompt admin
FONDUE.exe /enable-feature:NTVDM

I am using a corporate Toshiba Satellite with Intel core i3, windows 10 64 bit and OFFICE 10 32 bits.
When i run big excel analysis models (more than a thousand rows and a hundred columns), excel exhaust the whole RAM down to 2GB level, but don’t use free RAM up to 2GB. Then Excel run progressively slowly up to colapse windows and all applications.

Task manager do not reports CPU use, only RAM use down 2GB. Finally trying to save the excel book office reports it can not save the whole book and it has lost some data (dozens of columns). My corporate service can’t or don’t want to help me.
Is there any solution apart from install any office 64?

If have my own LENOVO with OFFICE 365 64bits licensed and run fine with these excel books.

Thanks in advance
Barcelona Council
PS: The problem with BCN Council corporate IT service is They have a politicians directive to move these services to OPEN SOURCE but these big models are not supported by LIBREOFFICE CALC.

Hey i tried every step and tried to install 32 bit software but it doesnt open .
when i opened my task manager it is shown in the background processes but its not showing on display.
what to do??

Hello…I followed these instructions however when I double click on “Application Pools” in Step 9, I do not have “DefaultAppPool”. Did I miss something?

The other 4 items under general were the but no enable 32 bit ?

Besides a by-passable “burp” querying for a registry entry when I launch it, for the first time in 3 years I was able to run an old 32-bit version of AutoCAD LT on my Win 10 64-bit PC. BUT! I had to make a folder and copy the files from the 32-bit install on the “older” machine to a flash drive. Then copy the files to the 64-bit PC. (No doubt the reason for the “burp”). The 64-bit PC cannot install from the original 32-bit disk. Your procedure for making this success possible does take some thinking. But the learning process and the extraordinary promised outcome continues to re-enforce my faith in this most arcane digital world and the caring and generous experts like yourself. Thanks.

Did not work for DynaCadd for Windows 95. Followed all the directions and received error message…will not run on this computer…a new Lenovo ideacentre with Windows 10.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible you will have to upgrade your Windows from 32 bit to 64 bit.

Then presumably the setting became corrupted, or you’re in an office environment and your boss disabled it. There’s no reason it would be disabled on a home computer.

It has happened to others, including me. Your experience is not everyone else’s.

I followed the procedure, enabled 32-bit application instalation, and I still get the same message. I suspect, though, that it recognies Image Composer as a Microsoft program, and says, “no, we don’t want you to install that.” Other 32-bit programs install easily even without the tweak.

C’est la vie. It was a good try.