How to Install All Updates on Windows 7 At Once

Originally published at: How to Install All Updates on Windows 7 At Once

Windows 7 reigned supreme as Microsoft’s premier computer Operating System for a good few years before it was succeeded by Windows 8. Since that is the case, when a Windows user installs Windows 7 on a computer from scratch in today’s day and age, they have the painstaking task of downloading and installing years’ worth…

Try fixing it using this article: Fix: Windows 7 Stuck on Checking for Updates

You need skip KB3020369 and run 2016 update kb3125574, if 5574 works, you are good to go and download another 300MB of s**it after install, reboot and check for new updates.

Its 2018, and download lots of updates is still a problem. With 300MB on 49 updates with f*NET on the way. For god sake, why Miocrosft doesn’t release a cumulative pack every semester that actualy works and clean up Windows update list?

It most likely means exactly what it says - either the update is unnecessary because a newer update was already installed on your computer, or your hardware is not compatible with the update you’re trying to install. However if this is happening on the pre-requisite update (KB3020369 April 2015 Servicing Stack) you can try the WSUS Offline Update tool - it will download all necessary updates locally instead of going through the Windows Update tool which causes a lot of headaches for people.

is it safe?

You need to get them from the Microsoft Update Catalog.

Yo the April 2015 servicing stack updates have been removed, when you try to download one it says error.

why it stuck on searching for update on this computer

Yes, it’s safe.

Maybe check if directly from Windows Update or check on third party sites? Be careful of the site’s reputation before downloading though

I recently installed Windows 7 fresh. What do you do if you get a message saying ‘this update is not applicable to your computer’ when you try and install the April 2015 Servicing Stack update?