How to Install gpedit.msc on Home Edition of Windows 10/11

Originally published at: How to Install gpedit.msc on Home Edition of Windows 10/11

The differences between the Professional and Home editions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 are rather subtle. But one tool that is missing from the Home version is the Group Policy Editor (Gpedit). This shortcoming is noticed by network administrators but also by regular users when they try to enforce certain fixes on Windows 10…

Thank you!!!
It works, and I can run gpedit.msc but after it loads I get a message:

“MMC could not create the snap-in.”


Thank you very much for your informative article

Thanks Kevin !
One quick Question: How do i check if it’s all done, and the exception won’t recur ? The CMD screen reads Successfully processed 1 files; failed processing 0 files, does this mean all is good now ?

It works! thank you for the detailed information.

doesnt work for me either.

It works! Tks a lot.

I’m still unable to run gpedit.msc
I’ve installed and followed all instructions above including checking C:WindowsTempgpedit
and replacing the two files named x86.bat and x64.bat.

I still get "MMC could not create the snap-in”

Please help
what else can I try?

1st go to programs and features, windows features and check framework 3.5

what are you trying to achieve via gpedit which isnt taking effect when done?

I made that, everything works with gpedit, the problem is that the result of the changes is NONE! I disable the task manager with gpedit.msc (enableng this option in gpedit.msc)

but it stills working, also the changes to other options related with “alt+ctrl+del” doesn’t sort any efect. Searching on the regedit for the values, looks like gpedit.msc made the job but in reallity nothing changed. Some help plese?.. Thank you.

MMC is the dialog box that gives access to many system functions that are also available separately. It may require a command line option to create new apps (snap-ins) inside of it (author mode?). But you shouldn’t need to run mmc in order to run gpedit.msc . Use Windows Key+R to run gpedit.msc.

thank you

it works! thank you.

Install is ok but when i try to disable Windows update, it still working and updating automaticly!

Thank you it does work for me now

Struggled with the instructions for replacing the the 64 and X86 b
it files with the downloaded compressed files. Also struggled to find the gpedit file. It was in a file folder called GPBAK in the SysWOW64 file folder. Bottom line it works now. I have pinned gpedit to the start menu. Not a real whiz when it coms to this stuff.

Brilliant! This is a superbly written and thorough worksheet. I had to go through the whole process right to the end, and found it very reliable, although a bit nerve wracking.

One slight improvement would be to clarify the statement “If this still won’t work, then make sure that the enviornment variables are there:” I thought that I needed to followed this route and found that in fact it was not necessary. The path was in fact already there.

Thanks Again!

Please tell us your exact Windows edition and build. Also run the command sfc /scannow to check if there are any damaged files on your computer.

Hi Ibraheem, Yes .Net is enabled and am running cmd as administrator