How to Migrate DHCP from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2016

Originally published at: How to Migrate DHCP from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2016

There are two ways how you can assign IP addresses to hosts in your computer network, including static and dynamic addressing. Static addressing is manually assigning IP addresses to your hosts which consume much more time and decrease the productivity of IT Administrator. We are recommending you to use dynamic addressing using DHCP (Dynamic Host…

this made it so easy! Thanks for creating the post

Export-DHCPServer did work for me with Windows Server 2008 R2, but I couldn’t run it there. I got a Cmdlet not found error.

I was able to run it from my 2012 R2 DHCP server with the -ComputerName parameter referencing the old server.

It works with WS2K8R2 as well

Thanks Roger. Does Export-DHCPServer works on Windows 2008 R2? I think this command is only available on Windows 2012 +

Thanks for the post, it got me started on that topic.

However, in my experience, the netsh dhcp server export command will NOT export the existing leases so the new dhcp server will not know, which IP addresses have been assigned and which are free. I would suggest to use the PowerShell command (run as admin) Import-DHCPServer with the -Leases option to move everything from the old DHCP to the new.
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Thanks for sharing… Good read. For whatever reason (in my situation where I inherited this network from an MSP) when I tried this as I am building new 2016 servers it didn’t exactly perform as it should have. It exported from 2008r2 DC running DHCP and then at the end of the import to the 2016 DC running DHCP I got a minor error about another DHCP server in the same subnet. That’s fine…moved on. The 2008r2 never de-authorized so I did it manually. So far, ok. On my workstation i released and renewed. It took a bit but I got my IP address. Here’s where things didn’t go so well. I couldn’t ping anything nor see any machines. It (2016 DC/DHCP) gave me my IP but no IPv4 DNS. I have to statically add DNS so I could work on the server again. For now, I had to revert back since I couldn’t get an IPv4 DNS server via DHCP. Thoughts?