How to Open Local Group Policy Editor on Windows?

Originally published at: How to Open Local Group Policy Editor on Windows?

Local Group Policy Editor will let you control a lot of settings that don’t necessarily have a graphical representation without having to modify the Registry.  When used correctly, the Group policy is a powerful tool capable of unlocking and disabling features that are normally inaccessible via the conventional paths. How to Open Local Group Policy…

Which method did you follow to disable the Windows Defender? I need to know this so I can better guide you on how to re-enable it. If you have a link to that specific video or article that you followed please share.

PLS help me , when i am going to virus and threat protection they said " it administrator has limited some areas of the pages pls help me , this happened when i was install a games before install the game they said that i must to turn of windows defender so i turned off it.

Group Policy editor (gpedit) isn’t installed on Windows 10 home version by default and needs to be installed manually through other methods. But we recommend to Refrain from those as they might cause issues with the operating system and if you want gpedit just install the pro version of Windows 10 without deleting any files

same because i have home version too and i cant enable gpedit.msc

You must be using the “Home” version of windows which doesn’t come preloaded with the Local Group Policy Editor. Therefore, you can install it by downloading it from and running the setup.

my window 10 don’t have group policy. I try every single method as above. but