How to Read .HLP Files in Windows 10

Originally published at: How to Read .HLP Files in Windows 10

From Windows 3.0 all the way to Windows XP, Microsoft used to provide online help to its users through their WinHelp files. All of these WinHelp files carried the extension of .hlp. But with the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft discontinued using WinHelp platform for online help and replaced it with Microsoft Compiled HTML Help. It doesn’t makes…

Solution 1 worked for me. Thanks tons!

Create a new administrative user account and try this again.

Works like a charm in win10.

thank you

I had used other patched WinHelp files, one from 8.1 and another from an Win XP computer but they no longer worked with the latest Win 10 Pro (Oct, 2018) installed … got your files and that worked for me. I am going to share this with my Customers with older versions of our company program that still have HLP files but upgrade to Windows 10 Pro operating system. Thank you.

Ok. you made my day. thank you very much … solution worked fine… on windows 10 64 bit machine.

The below error appear in 2 solution,Kindly support

Man, I’ve been trying for DAYYYYYYs to get winhelp files to work in Windows 10, trying tor extract the winhlp files from XP or Win 8, with absolutely no luck whatsoever!! I FINALLY stumbled across your quick download and fix and boom. There it was. Totally worked, had it working within 3 minutes or so…Thanks so much.

My 64-bit Windows 10 laptop will run winhlp32.exe from XP by copying it over the existing. However, every time MS updates Windows10 it is removed!

I have found the registry entry which appears to run winhlp32 at:


I have tried locating the XP version of winhlp32.exe elsewhere - C:Program Files (x86) seems fine- and changing this key - so far it works OK!

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, all my restore points are at date later than when I performed the winhlp32 fix. I wondered if there was an easy script, similar to the fix you provided, that reverses the changes made to the operating system.

you can do a system restore.

How can I undo this fix? Windows 10 will not update to the new Creator’s Update because it detects a corruption involving winhlp32.exe. Is there a way to reverse this fix and undo it?

How can I undo this fix? This fix prevents Windows 10 from updating to the new Creator’s Update. Microsoft’s update process indicates a winhlp32 corruption on my Windows 10, 64- bit and does not allow the update.

Solution 1 worked perfectly on Windows 10 64-bit.


Problem sovled for Windows 10 without reboot with solution 1.