How to Repair Windows Live Mail

Originally published at: How to Repair Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is a free e-mail application provided by Windows, aimed at Windows 7 and Vista users. However, it has now been discontinued, and no updates or upgrades will be made to it. With the introduction of Windows 8 and 10, Microsoft changed the conventional way of offering free applications, such as ‘Windows Essentials,’…

Configure the settings for your account and also delete spam or long messages

I’m using Live Mail with Windows 10. Suddenly ALL emails I’ve ever received is being downloaded into my IN Box -Thousands. How do I stop this???

You can download from FileHippo and then reinstall the program.

Hi, sorry to tell but with Microsoft stopping the support for Live Mail the online sources needed for repair are no longer available.

Does it shows the same in Preview?

Hi. I have Windows Live mail on my PC. I have Windows 10. Recently when I print anything in Live mail the document comes out with a really dark blue background. I can barely make out the text because background is so dark. It used to be the normal white background with black text. I am not sure if a windows 10 update caused this or not. Can it be fixed?