How to Reverse the Scrolling Direction in Windows 10

Originally published at: How to Reverse the Scrolling Direction in Windows 10

Windows users can be split into two different types of people. There are the ones that scroll the default way, and some that prefer to use a reversed scrolling direction. I’m a proud member of the default category, but I know some people that regard reversed scrolling to be the “more natural” way. Reversing the…

Try the macro fix option

Thanks. Gotta love auto hot key

Number 3 worked. Thanks!

Thanks so much! Love method #3.

Wow, this setting was BURIED! Excellent information!

Option 2 worked on my Surface Go but not on my desktop. Option 3 works on my desktop. No idea why, but thanks for this guide!

tried through option 2. Changed FlipFlopWheel value to 1, nothing. Changed FlipFlopHScroll to 1 as well, nothing. I restarted and signed out between both changes. As of the most recent windows update, this workaround no longer solves.

When you have to edit the registry to revert a change you know Windows 11 is going to disable it completely.

Dirty rotten baskets the lot of them.

Finally the scroll is like my mac, thanks

Thank you so much for this!!! The directions were simple, easy to follow, and worked great!!!

I used Method 1: Reverse the Scrolling Direction of a Touchpad (Touchpad only) with an HP x360.

Yep, for me as well. Good to have behavior the same on both computers.

Latest windows updates seem to have nullified method #2, can anyone confirm that? :frowning:

where is this folder

Thanks sooooooooo much! After so many tutorials, this finally worked for me (no.1 for touchpad)!