How to Setup RDP on Windows 10 (All Versions)

Originally published at: How to Setup RDP on Windows 10 (All Versions)

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a Windows feature which is used to connect remotely to a windows based computers via RDP. In order to connect over RDP, both the computers must be connected to the internet and RDP should be enabled on the destination system. No software is required, you will just have to enable RDP as it…

not working on windows 10
listener - not listening
any fix to this?

can we access both user and admin by #RDP ??

Excellent. Thanks for the link and the guide. I tried it on my Windows 8.1 and it worked like a charm. Awesome…

download and extract this:

I don’t understand. There is still no RDPWInst.exe or any .exe file anywhere in the github repo. What’s going on?

Edit: Here is the correct link to the pre-built versions containing the .exe files:

the version stops working with windows security updates…
– Not supported —

I have version 1.6.2 installed
installer 2.5 2018.10.10

the update .bat does not work

wrapper state keeps coming up not installed

Sounds easy, but the rdpwrap download extracts into nothing that looks like your list there. There is no RDPWInst.exe, for starters. What’s going on?

yes, you can. just need to key in the username

Link updated, download from here: Releases · stascorp/rdpwrap · GitHub