How to Solve the Operating System Version Is Incompatible with Startup Repair?

I tried this on windows 10, but it just booted into the blue “your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart” screen, citing a 0xc000021a error. Could you please make a suggestion about how to fix it? Thanks.

I would suggest you do a repair install. How to: Repair Install Windows 10

Just a few minutes after I had posted how it helped me. It did work and then I tried restarting the system and it started all over again saying automatic repair: you system did not restart correctly. How do make this stop once and for all. I’m getting frustrated. Thanks

Thank you so very much Kelvin. It worked for me. I use a Del Inspiron 11-3152. For the past 3 days, I have been surfing the Internet on how to fix this until stumbled on this article. Thanks again.

Thank you very much!!!
It worked for me.
Dell Inspiron N3558

Can you provide me details on how did the issue start and does your Acer has a system image?

I was hoping this would work for me, but unfortunately it didn’t!

Acer has the Advanced Repair Option built in, and it is always looping to it. Tried the startup option suggested above to no avail.