How to Stop Apps from Pinning Themselves to Taskbar on Windows 10?

Originally published at: How to Stop Apps from Pinning Themselves to Taskbar on Windows 10?

Sometimes, installed applications on Windows may run on Windows startup i.e. Adobe Acrobat, Skype, etc. Likewise, installed applications may pin themselves on the Windows taskbar. These applications overwrite system settings thus even if you remove them from the taskbar, they would pin themselves again when the PC is restarted. Though pinned applications on the taskbar…

Is your “Show hidden files and folders” option enabled? because this file is hidden and might not appear in Search Results unless the option is enabled. Usually it’s located in following directory: C:UsersAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsShell

The find box can’t find anything like that for me, i’ve tried the
main way, 0 results
Task, 0 results
Custom, 0 results
xbox, a couple of results but nothing about taskbar

I don’t know if this matters but I have another file called LayoutModifications in the same folder, and there I can find But theres no code underneath that one

Any clue what it could be?

Much appreciated! As other noted, I needed to edit “LayoutModification.xml” rather than “DefaultLayouts.xml”. Worked like a champ. Goodbye Xbox app!

delete DefaultLayouts.xml completly

was the same for me. had to find the section of code in the layout modification. bye bye xbox auto pinning!!!

Thank you,
I had only 1 issue:
On my PC, the file was in the right location, but had a different name.

Instead of editing: “DefaultLayouts.xml” I needed to edit “LayoutModification.xml

Uh what if you have a school laptop and this doesn’t show? Or is this for Windows 10?