How To Turn Off Caps Lock Notification Windows 10/11?

Originally published at: How To Turn Off Caps Lock Notification Windows 10/11?

The caps lock notification issue often appears after updating the HP System Event Utility, preinstalled on HP laptops and computers. It can also occur if you have the Dell Peripheral Manager application installed on your Dell system. Moreover, third-party keyboard or mouse software running in the background, such as Logitech’s, could also result in the…

OMG! I am so stupid that I checked every setting for the keyboard; surely the caps lock is somehow related to the keyboard. It’s one of the keys. It’s on the keyboard. No. Then I started googling, and was told to check the advanced settings on my display adapter. No. Then I found your website, As soon as I saw the name LogiTech I knew that was it. Nothing has changed on my computer EXCEPT I just got a new mouse. And it actually has a setting for notifications of caps lock. WTF !?!?!?!?!

Thank you so much. These insane Windows things drive me crazy. You saved me.

hi. It’s because the app we install when having mouse/keyboard. Check the app carefully. There will be an option to turn the caps lock notification on/off.

Could you please tell me how, struggling with this… Very frustrating.

thank you bro, i disabled the Dell Peripheral Manager and problem solved!!

finaly it was fixed thanks i disabled csr bluetooth app

“Lenovo Fn and function keys service” is the culprit on Ideapad 314. (Remains functional on machine even after Lenovo Utility Service is deinstalled. Thanks for that, Lenovo.) CAPS LOCK FIX: Win + R, msconfig, services, disable LenFnandFuncKeyServ in config list. Very difficult case closed. By the way, not sure Lenovo USA knows what ‘Lenovo Beijing LTD’ is doing to their otherwise nice machines.