How to Turn Off Touchpad Windows 10

Originally published at: How to Turn Off Touchpad Windows 10

On a laptop, the in-built input device for the mouse pointer is known as a touchpad. Touchpads are completely usable and are excellent when it comes to using them for mouse pointer input. However, most people would still rather use a mouse than a touchpad to move their cursor around. If you connect a physical…

Touchpad Blocker should do the trick? did you try that?

Not any more.

Try to reinstall your touchpad drivers and disable it again and check if that fixes this issue. Also, did you recently update windows?

When my laptop turns on now, it continues to let the touchpad work even though in the settings it says it’s off.

It is absent in some versions of Windows so you are better off trying the other methods.

There is no TOGGLE OFF button In the right pane of the window in Settings for Windows 10 Home