How to Turn Up Mic Volume in Windows?

Originally published at: How to Turn Up Mic Volume in Windows?

Not every microphone has the same base volume for transmitting your voice through your computer to whoever or whatever is on the other end of the exchange. Some microphones have a higher volume as compared to others, and some microphones have a volume that is so low that the person on the other end of…

We have an article on this topic. Here is the link:-

Let me know how it goes.

Ohh got it, the issue is most probably with the Drivers. What i meant was that uninstall your Sound Drivers and either try to install an older version or a newer version if available from your manufacturer’s website. That should get things up and working for you.

You can try to reinstall drivers and check if that helps

Thank you for this useful article. I can’t understand why MicroSoft have so well hidden this volume control. Why not just adding the mic to the overall mixer?

Can you get the mic volume up again as you did the previous time? if not then try to downgrade your drivers after uninstalling them and downloading from the manufacturers website.

Is the microphone not recording at all or is the volume very low?

if all options fail
Try downlowding Equalizer APO and increase the gain.
This is the only thing that worked for me.

i cant do the boost

Thanks for replying. I’m not sure what you mean about the drivers here, but to answer your question, Yes, I can get the volume up again. I took these steps this morning:

Control panel >> Sound >> Recording (tab) >> Default microphone >> Properties. On this panel I find the level is at 11%. A week ago I set it at 90%, and haven’t touched it since. So I have reset it to 90%. I left the computer for 10 minutes and checked these settings again; still at 90%.

So the problem is not that I can’t adjust the volume. The problem is that I can’t rely on my custom settings being permanent. They seem ok in the short term but not the long term.

if you click “open sound settings” and then under “related settings” head over to the “sound control panel” everything should be clear from there :slight_smile:

None of these suggestions has been helpful whatsoever. I have a Rig800 HD on my windows 10 computer. Everything is up to date. I have tried every setting I could find to adjust the volume on the microphone, and nothing works. It’s not an account issue. It’s a windows 10 issue. Has this been resolved yet?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way that won’t absolutely ruin your sound quality. Maybe the Mic is damged/blocked?

my volume is at the maximum but i still can barely hear my microphone so is there any way to make it louder?

So i can’t move the slider on my microphone level for my hyper x cloud 2 headset mic.

Any ideas?

The images on here look nothing like my windows 10. I don’t get the option to select recording devices either, so not very helpful :frowning:

edit: I managed to find these setting menus on the control panel. I hope that helps anyone who wasn’t able to choose recording devices from the task bar either.