How to: Uninstall Groove Music in Windows 10

Originally published at: How to: Uninstall Groove Music in Windows 10

Groove Music serves as the on-board audio player packaged with all builds of the latest version of the Windows Operating System, Windows 10. Essentially, Groove Music is a redesigned, revamped, and slightly improved version of Xbox Music, now sporting a new name. It boasts a substantial number of positive features. However, according to numerous Windows…

This worked great. Thanks for freeing me from this turbulent program!

I’m having the same problem. Tried at least four different variations of commands in Powershell but it’s still showing up in Start search. Have you found a solution since you posted this? If so, do you recall what it was?

goddamn Microsoft , every time I update win10 this crap (Groove ) is reinstalled , as well as Movies & TV. This is a nasty way to push Microsoft’s applications onto users

I ran the above powershell code to remove several built-in apps. I even added -allusers before the package name. For some reason Groove, People and XBox continue to show up in the Start Menu. If I click on any of them they open but if I run the PS code again I get the message that app is not installed. How do I get those 3 out of the Start Menu?

thanxs man

Awesome! Thanks! Groove is rubbish!