How to Update BIOS on A HP Desktop/Laptop

Originally published at: How to Update BIOS on A HP Desktop/Laptop

BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. It’s a set of code that resides on a chip on your system’s motherboard. When a computer boots up, it looks in the chip for BIOS for instructions on where to find the operating system and, among many other things, BIOS also facilitates further communication between the operating…

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The USB has to be less than 1GB. You have to paste the file path in the address bar, the file path where you copied the setup.

Then don’t update it.

That is just how it is. You can find a stick like that easily on the internet.

why should i update my bios on my ten year old hp notebook 6730s? everything work perfect and bios version is from 2009 (HP 68PZU ver. F.0C. 12.03.2009.)

Thank you for the improvement. However I’m not sure anymore why HP webpage was not opening back then. Maybe too much traffic. I don’t know. I tried different browsers and proxies but the drivers page did not open then. Now it opens.

UPDATE: I saw this notification on HP website today (21 October 2018): We are upgrading our website If you experience errors during this time, please try again later.

Link updated to

It seems HP main site address has been changed. it is with The link you included with Go to HP Software & Driver Downloads does not work properly anymore.

Hi Kevin. I am using Method 2 of how to update/reinstall a bios on an HP laptop. I am frazzled and this is not going well. I get hung up when I go to the install file path and there is no hpqflash file folder. There is nothing but a crisis folder, and other other files, none of which resemble the next steps I need to create this on a USB. Please advice.