How to Update Gateway Desktop or Laptop BIOS

Originally published at: How to Update Gateway Desktop or Laptop BIOS

BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. This is a set of coded statements that reside on a chip within your system’s motherboard. When a computer boots up, it retrieves instructions from the BIOS located in this chip regarding the location of the operating system, among other things. Moreover, the BIOS is responsible for facilitating…

You can get another computer like a laptop and find the new bio’s you had and put it on a flash drive and plug it in the computer and when you start your computer go to the boot settings in bios and run the flash drive and update your bios.

There must be a readme file in your ZIP Package kindly read it to proceed.

I have a Gateway GT5405e I did the bootable USB I’m stuck at the dir command when I type autoexec.bat it says Using us English keyboard with us English codepage [437] … and nothing happens,
If I type the cf9451~1.exe file says this program cannot be run in DOS mode. :confused:

Thank you for the reply Shane. I found the issue. Inside the unzipped folder there’s a readme text document that says the following:

  1. DOS flash: Please execute “BIOS.bat” file to update bios under pure Dos mode.
  2. Windows flash: Please click “Winflash_NAYF0108.exe” to update bios.
    I was using DOS and typed BIOS.bat and the flash began and ended successfully.

The problem occured somewhere along the lines of creating the bootable USB, are you sure you selected all the right options?

Attempting to follow “Method 2” on a Gateway NV7915u. I have followed the required steps and see all the DOS files in the LOCALE directory and typed autoxec.bat. The result is the message “Using US-English keyboard with US-English codepage (437)” followed by the C prompt on the following line. What am I missing?

You can just install Windows 10 on the computer or you can update bios manually using the method indicated in the article.

Turn off your PC by holding down the power button and press F11 repeatedly upon startup. Select Troubleshooting and click on the Advanced Boot Options and select the System Restore. Initiate a restore for a date earlier than the issue.

I have a HP PC with the Gateway products. I am stuck on Unable to upload Updates and deleting updates, Do not turn off this computer. From the moment I start up. I am unable to Find any where the help to reset this. I have a gateway disk but it wont change anything

So I have a gateway that runs on Windows XP home edition, so can I just upgrade it to windows ten or do I have to buy a new rectangle thing? Btw I forgot what is was called so yeah

I have a Gateway DX4860 that came with Win7 Home, but now has Windows 10. When I use the Gateway hardware detection software, it tells me I have Windows 8 x64.
I assume I should do method 2, but I’m afraid I might brick the computer. Should I avoid upgrading the BIOS?

Thanks in advance!

When I type autoexec.bat nothing comes up, and when I try to type the name of the actual bat in the Dir it says the bios is write protected