How to Use Windows Live Photo Gallery on Windows 10?

Originally published at: How to Use Windows Live Photo Gallery on Windows 10?

When Windows 7 came out, the standalone Windows Photo Gallery application was renamed to Windows Live Photo Gallery and moved to the Windows Live Essentials suite of applications. The program has since been discontinued by Microsoft and is no longer officially supported. Windows Live Photo Gallery on Windows 10 However, despite the occasional issues users…

Hi, I accidentally deleted my old file of this. Now I have found yours, it doesn’t give me options to choose what I want and just says “These files are already installed”, I tried the “recommended” and the photo gallery isnt even download. What’s going on?

Fantastic article and remains relevant and useful several years later. I just use the article to install Windows Live Photo Gallery (WLPG, one of my favorite programs ever) on Windows 10 in April 2023 and it worked according to the instructions above. One wonders who a guy that writes articles every day can have so much detailed knowledge on an obscure arcane topic such as this, and even has time/interest to help people out here on the comments. Windows Live Photo Gallery was an excellent program for its time and remains the best photo managing program I’ve ever used. It’s one of the first programs I reinstall on any new computer. I’ve always wondered about the Mac world and now I’m a part of it and job #1 was to explore the photo managers available in that world. After extensive search it appears you have only one option, ACDsee. That’s it, just one option. (Don’t even mention to me the abominable “captive ware” that is Apple “Photos.” I won’t let that thing touch my photos. If you don’t know, it will take your photos captive and house them in a proprietary database and you will essentially never be able to get them back. AVOID! ACDSee does look like a nice app, however I did use an older version of it and it was disappointingly buggy. Anyway, with only one app to choose from that’s not a reason to be jealous of the Mac world. Anyway, I am Microsoft cynic #1 but after using WLPG for a while I came to appreciate its excellence, its ease of use, its power multi-tasking feature set, and its reliability. I’m a software professional and power user, if software is crap, and 99% of it is, I know it and get annoyed, but the more I used WLPG the more I came to love it. And, most important of all, it does not take your photos captive. It leaves them as flat files in the organization and location of your choice, it does not change their formats or import them to its own database, any organization changes you make, like moving, deleting, renaming, duplicating, are reflected in your flat files, which you own and control and can put on a thumb drive and move them to whatever new system you want. Most delightful is one of the features that made WLPG gallery famous in its time: tags that you put on your photos are stored right in the photo file itself. Not in a proprietary database, not even in a side car file, right in the .jpg file itself where it will be forever useful and never get lost. Now that is a no-brainer feature if I ever heard one, but amazingly many/most other photo managers do not work that way and in fact that was a revolution at the time and I think remains a rare feature. Another thing I loved about WLPG is that the Microsoft development team for it was passionate about supporting it, pushing it forward, adding features to it, making it bug free and reliable and useful. It was a real Microsoft anomaly, an excellent piece of software with people that were passionate about making it good. Thinking back on it just now, it must have been an independent product with a good team attached, and Microsoft bought the entire company, people and all, and allowed them to continue with their excellence. Anyone that has photos on their computer needs a photo manager, working just with the flat files will not get the job done. In this case, this old program remains useful. I would love to know what is the real story behind the discontinuation of this software. I mean it happens all the time that useful software gets discontinued, but I would just be curious as to what really happened with this one. Anyway, if you need this, try it. And thanks for the great article.

Yes, I sent you a guide provided by us on that specific topic. Here is the link again, make sure to follow all the methods: How to Fix Error 0x800c0006 on Windows 10?

Try following our guide on this topic, and let me know how it goes. So that I can assist you further. How to Fix Error 0x800c0006 on Windows 10?

I think you misunderstood the instructions, first, download the Windows Live Essentials and then choose the programs that you want to install. After that, choose the Windows Live Photo Gallery and in the end download the SQL server from the link given and install it. After that, it should run just fine.