'Lock Screen image not appearing after Anniversary Update' [Fix]

Originally published at: 'Lock Screen image not appearing after Anniversary Update' [Fix]

Even though Windows 10 has been out for over a year now, there are still a number of bugs that haven’t been fixed. Given that Microsoft changed is policy and turned Windows into a service which will get updates regularly, instead of new releases, you can expect these bugs to be fixed eventually. A number…

Try resetting the Windows Spotlight even if you don’t have it applied it should work for you.

If that doesn’t work check if your Windows 10 is up-to-date. Let me know how it goes.

Yes, OS build 16299.309

I managed to fix it by another thread. They told me to remove the windows spotlight files and reboot my laptop. Note: I did not have windows spotlight set, I used a custom image on my lock screen.

Have you updated Windows to the latest build?

Issue is back, but the animation option doesn’t fix it!

Thanks, this was really annoying me.

research :slight_smile:

This solved my issue. I am curious how did you find this solution?!