SOLVED: Brother Printer USB Composite Device (Error Code 10)

Originally published at: SOLVED: Brother Printer USB Composite Device (Error Code 10)

After updating to newer versions of the Windows Operating System, in particular Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, many people who own and use Brother Printers see that their computers no longer recognize their printers as printers but recognize them as USB Composite Devices instead. In all such cases, the printers in question were recognized perfectly…

Problem: New PC with OS windows 10 Home edition did not recognize the brother MFC-7360N printer. I put the original driver CD - not working because windows 10 is not compatible with that CD. Checked Brother site this model is compatible with Windows 10 and “Full Driver & Software Package” available for download. But when I got to the step to connect printer to USB port, it was stuck - forever. Then I notice Windows 10 put the printer I just plug in as “USB composite device”.

I tried manually add printer and was able to see the brother printer icon, but print job disappear from print queue and not going to the printer.

Your solution is very hard to find. I read many search results from google before I can see this.

Your solution is right on. After I used a windows 7 machine to set up the brother printer again. I immediately unplug it and unplug it to the windows 10 desktop. No need to power off printer. It was immediately recognized as brother printer and the port is right *USB01".

By the way, the firmware update link on your article did not work for me, but I google my model number and keyword “firmware update” and got the correct link. I think brother website should have that info for windows 10 users.

Spent 6 hours on this. Thank you for your solution. Save me $$$ to buy a new scanner/printer for windows 10.

After hours and hours of searching, you were the first to mention updating the Printer Firmware. My new Win 10 based PC would not print and after following your suggestion and hooking it up to an old laptop, I was able to update the Firmware. Once updated, The new PC immediately recognized it as a ‘Printer’ and not as ‘USB Composite Device’.
Works fine!
Kevin, thanks so much! Beers on me if ever in Honolulu!

Many thanks now work fine I was thinking to buy a new one

It is crazy I talked to Brother tech support and they had me buy cables told me to call windows and the mother company this fixed it thanks for the help.

Unfortunately this only works when a firmware update is available for your particular printer model. There is no firmware update for the MFC-9700 listed on Brother’s site, and I confirmed this with Brother ‘support.’ When I connect the printer to my new laptop with windows 10 64-bit, it shows up as a ‘USB composite device’ and I cannot print. I gather this is a known problem with this printer, and I have yet to find a solution anywhere. Brother ‘support’ only suggestion was a new usb cable, which I tried to no avail.

THANK YOU. This looks as if it will solve my problem, as the description of your problem fits my situation perfectly. I already have spent hours trying to figure this out: More than the cost of a new printer! Thanks to 'Wings" as well, for his/her advice as to the firmware update.

Thanks for tip on upgrading the firmware. Excellent work. I was trying to add my DCP-135C to windows10 PC, there was on extra step as windows still does not automatically install the drivers. I had to go to Windows update and look in the ‘view optional updates’ section and there was the driver. Install the driver. Delete the “USB composite device” and re-attach the printer. Now the PC can print and scan…

Thanks for the solution. I’ve spent almost two hours trying to figure it out and the, finally found this site explaining that i had to update de firmware. Did it over the network cause I didn’t had another PC around. Worked Perfectly. Thank you very much.

the firmware
update worked well thank you

Try this method:
“Your solution is right on. After I used a windows 7 machine to set up the brother printer again. I immediately unplug it and unplug it to the windows 10 desktop. No need to power off printer. It was immediately recognized as brother printer and the port is right *USB01”."

Thank u for sharing your insight.

Just a note to those who are newbies…“Firmware” is built into the PRINTER that allows it to “see” your computer. Your computer then connects to that printer through the newly installed and updated firmware …when you download and install the Brother Printer software on another computer (that’s not running Windows 10) you must then download and run the firmware update using that computer…this is an awesome solution by the way

Oh my goodness! You are a genius!! Thanks so much!! Exactly my issue which Brother could not provide help except the lady told me to go buy new cable after multiple attempts of installing new driver which did not solve this issue! You should be rewarded for this and Brother should personally thank you for this as you saved them so much time and money. I wish I would have seen your post much sooner but very glad to do now. You are AWESOME for figuring this out! Very much appreciated. Thanks again!!

yes after long research I just followed ur steps update firmware from windows 7laptop and then connect with windows 10 laptop… its perfectly work.
thank u so much

For anyone else in this dilemma, I did not have access to another computer at the time; my solution was to connect the printer via network, install the control center 4 suite, which allowed full use of the printer without any updated drivers.

This works. Updated the firmware by connecting the printer to another PC with a different OS. Run the firmware update tool and original PC was able to see the brother printer again.

Upgrading the firmware to the Brother MFC-7360N did resolve the “USB composite device error” for Windows 10. The steps outlined by Kevin are exactly what you need to do. On a working PC/Notebook, update the Brother’s firmware. Once the firmware is up to date, reconnect it to the Windows 10 PC/Notebook and it should work perfectly.
Thank you Kevin Arrows for your detailed instructions and suggestions.

Thank you.