SOLVED: Search on Windows 10 constantly pops up by itself

Originally published at: SOLVED: Search on Windows 10 constantly pops up by itself

Windows 10 is a pretty nifty platform. However, it comes with its fair share of quirks and intrigues. You may encounter some bugs which just leave you outright dumbfounded. The good thing with Windows 10 however, is that most of these bugs can be easily dealt with without necessarily reaching out to Microsoft. A frequent…

For some issues of a random search box popping up and being unresponsive, you just have to click on your keyboard (PC SCREEN ONLY), it’s usually around the f4 button, it’ll pop up and ask if you want 4-5 different versions (duplicate, extend, etc) and you click PC SCREEN ONLY and whala! Problem solved, the stupid search box disappears. AMEN! LOL

I had this problem, the solution above didn’t work on my version of Windows 10, 20H2. What worked for me was to open settings, select devices and goto touchpad, deselect “leavetouchpad on when mouse is connected”. No more popups!!

It seems like you have adware installed on your computer. It can be either preinstalled if you downloaded Windows from a 3rd party website or it can be because of a 3rd party program you installed. However, I will need a screenshot to confirm what’s happening in your case.

I have a desktop computer with windows 10, whenever I’m typing like an email or putting notes on my calendar or posting a comment, I get this annoying search box popup that shows up randomly. I don’t know if it is from fat thumbing keys or it is something I’m typing that activates this stupid search window. I’m also having a problem with tabs that suddenly reload when typing and I lose everything I typed and it has happened 2 times while I was typing this. I had to go to my email, type it out there and copy and past it here. This is a new computer and I’ve run my malware and virus scans, nothing shows up. I do not play stupid games on this computer nor do I go to sites with questionable security. So I know it is not a virus or malware causing this. It seems like this happens when I’m typing and I either hit the W, R, or T keys but it doesn’t happen all the time, just randomly. Is there some shortcut key or keys that are causing this? Is there some way of deactivating this popup and tab reloading? I will never use that windows search popup or cortana. In fact cortana is turned off. This is a home desktop computer, I’m not an office worker, but these popups and other problems are starting to make me think about going to another IO system and dumping windows.

The biggest problem I have with microsoft and windows is that they force these programs on everyone, with no notification and no instructions. I didn’t even know this stupid search window popup existed until a few months ago. To top it off I can’t find anything on it in my computer. The same thing with that moronic Xbox for gaming and it’s tool bar. I do not want it, I do not use it and I want it out of my computer. All those junk programs do for me is make my computer run slow.
Now how do I get rid of that stupid popup search box and cure the tab reloading along with microsoft’s geek fantasy new search app that keeps asking me if I want to install it?

I do not have a touchpad. Most of the time, I cannot type anything because it will start populating the search field. I have done a lot of research and it keeps coming back to the touchpad options, which I do not have. Any other suggestions?

I disabled the two finger tap function but the search window keeps popping up. So, not solved for me unfortunately.

Thank you - this 100% resolved my issue on my Dell laptop with Windows 10. It was very frustrating and this has solved it. Great advice, thank you!