SOLVED: Unexpected Store Exception in Windows 10

Originally published at: SOLVED: Unexpected Store Exception in Windows 10

With the update to Windows 10, you got a fancy set of additional features and improve aesthetics but they didn’t come without the unwanted exceptions and errors that we could have lived without. One such example is the “unexpected store exception” that forces you to restart every time it shows up. The unexpected store exception…

Back up your cpu, make a boot and a recovery disk, this is why physical media is still important, it just saved me from this nightmare, and I just reinstalled win10pro less than a month ago,smdh @microsoft

If only Windows would boot again after this error…

You can check the details of the BSOD by checking your event log.

In this article, you write “If you want to confirm that it’s actually the anti-virus being the
guilty party, you can do that by going through your bug details”, but don’t explain how. You then go on to mention how to uninstall McAfee. Why would I start uninstalling programmes without knowing what it is that’s causing the issue?! I mean, thank you for the article, but it’s that missing bit of info that I was looking for. Cheers anyway mate

i have the same problem…

Hello! I have trouble finding “device installation” after expanding “system” in the gpedit.msc.
What can I find it? Thanks

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