Start menu opening up by itself on startup from sleep [Solved}

Originally published at: Start menu opening up by itself on startup from sleep [Solved}

Window 10 is a revolutionary operating system that combines the user friendliness of Windows 7 and the speed of Windows 8. Being a quick successor of Windows 8, it has had a good share of bugs and overlooked simple issues that might be annoying to users. One case of an annoying incident is the launching…

The information is correct, it just doesn’t apply to some users and for them, there are other methods available to try and resolve this issue.

Right. What ‘ptys’ said.
And let’s not say a thing about how it takes four clicks to use the OEM method for putting it to sleep.
How 2021 is that gem?
But have no fear. The next W10 update in three weeks won’t fix it either.

This explains workarounds, not a fix.

“My car is broken.”

“Here is a fix - take a bus”.

It was like that on a fresh new computer. It’s a common issue that people ask about online (to disable it). Yes, it’s malware, from Microsoft.

Start menu shouldn’t have any ads on it. You must be infected from malware if it does, perform a thorough scan of the computer using an Antivirus

I don’t think it’s a a bug at all. The start menu is full of ads, and forcibly displaying the Start Menu when it doesn’t make sense to is a great way to squander people’s attention on ads.

Can u elaborate, please? Menu box as in “Start Menu”? If you are asking for the search bar, you can right-click on the taskbar and select “Search” and then click on “Show Search Box”.

How should i do if i would like to show menu box .How should i solve the problem that is auto-connect Windows? As for me,I would like to show menu box after i turn on my laptop.