The installer encountered an unexpected error 'Error 2755' [Solved]

Originally published at: The installer encountered an unexpected error 'Error 2755' [Solved]

The error with code 2755 when trying to install something via Windows Installer states that the server returned an unexpected error when attempting to install a package. Into plain English, it means that there is a serious error with your attempt of installing the software and you will most likely fail to do so. You…

try to log deselect “Hide protected operating files”

Create a new administrative account on the computer and check to see if the issue persists.

Thanks…this page was a big help!

When I tried step 1, even though there was no folder named ‘Installer’, it kept saying the folder exists. So I skipped and went ahead to step 2. It worked!

are you logged in as the administrator?

The first option worked… thanks for being the lifesaver :slight_smile:

Doesnt work, im trying to install Oldschool Runescape, please help :frowning:

I tried to make a new folder as stated in method one, but every time I try to make the folder it inexplicably disappears… I click new, folder; I label it “Installer” and as soon as I click anywhere else on the screen it’s just gone! Like it was never created or something… Do you know what’s up with that?

The same for me.
Thanks to author of the topic.

Create a new administrative account and check to see if it fixes the issue.

Create a new administrative account and check to see if solves the issue

Sitting with the same problem . did you get yours sorted ??? Trying to install Epic Games

Hi there i am using Windows 10
I did all you said, but when i go in windows folder to create Installer folder… it just disappear after i named it installer
I also did all the other steps and still nothing
I am trying to install Epic Games

None of the solution from google solved my problem with 2755 error.
I ended up solve it by just copy over the installer to “c” drive and run it there.

Nothing works for me

are you logged in as the administrator?

Tried step 1, I made the folder and It didn’t give me any errors the folder just disappeared. I’m on windows 10. When I try to set the windows folder’s permissions to ADMINISTRATOR It says I don’t have permissions to almost half of it and still won’t let me install anything or make the new folder.

Damn thanks, I previously deleted the whole Installer folder cuz it was taking a lotta space

Thank you very much! Method 3: Add the SYSTEM user in the installer HELPED!