What is 'gamebarpresencewriter.exe' and How to Disable It

Originally published at: What is 'gamebarpresencewriter.exe' and How to Disable It

In the recent updates, Microsoft released a feature named as “Game Bar” in Windows which allows users to record their experience when they are playing games. This is a very useful feature and gets handy as you don’t have to exit the game or enable some third-party program to record your session. Instead, the game…

takeown /s %computername% /u %username% /f “%WinDir%System32GameBarPresenceWriter.exe”
icacls “%WinDir%System32GameBarPresenceWriter.exe” /grant:r %username%:F
taskkill /im GameBarPresenceWriter.exe /f
del “%WinDir%System32GameBarPresenceWriter.exe” /s /f /q

Did you also try the registry method after disabling it from settings?

Nope. That does not work.

Guess we will have to repeat these steps at every restart then.

whenever you restart the service is running from startup as of April 2020.

I have tested myself, is your Windows updated to the latest version?


It should now just be in Windows’ settings. Go to Gaming and turn off Game Bar

None of the “fixes” above work anymore. It is still running.