What is Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol and Should it be Enabled?

Originally published at: What is Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol and Should it be Enabled?

The Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol is listed in the “Items this connection uses” list for the Wifi Properties. This option is disabled for many people by default and it often gets them confused if disabling or enabling it has an effect on their connection or bandwidth. Actually enabling this protocol while the rest of…

Oh that’s great!

I appreciate your answer and thankful for that but my Wi-Fi is now already fixed

My pc just updated itself and now the weather thing is there but the good is the Wi-Fi and hotspot is back

and again thank you

It’s okay please follow these steps:-

  1. Click on the Search Bar of your Windows Where it says “Type here to search”.
  2. Now in that search box type “Command Prompt”. Open the Program named Command Prompt.
  3. Once that’s done there should be a black window opened on your computer.
  4. Inside that black window type this command as it is and then press the enter key on your keyboard:-

netcfg -d

Note: This command will basically reset your Network settings and will most likely fix the issues you are having with you Network Adaptor.

If it doesn’t work for you and you still don’t have WiFi try disconnecting the ethernet cable and check to see if the WiFi shows up.

i dont know what is a network adaptor cuz i am not well-educated at computers

here a picture that proves that there the wifi is gone while that there should be a wifi button there and a mobile hotspot button

i cant use wifi only Ethernet

If you are facing these kinds of issues with your computer, I suggest you do a full clean install of your Windows as the virus may be hidden in your work files or normal Windows files because sometimes viruses integrate themselves to the “.exe” files. Also, re-installing should fix the issues you are having, if you don’t want to re-install or clean install your Windows let me know which network adaptor you have.

God damn… thank you for answering a question about a fundamental function of Windows OS that Microsoft leaves to be very unclear to all of it’s users. I’ve seen this question and complication go unresolved for users for as long as that function has existed; it most definitely should be delimited from that list. If it get’s automatically initiated, it’s very stupid that it remains in that list of options and should only be resevered manageable for script, programming or powershell purposes.

It might prevent some Bluetooth devices from connecting

Does Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol have anything to do with Bluetooth? Just getting into tech finally…