Windows 10 Creators Update Crashes and Freezes

Originally published at: Windows 10 Creators Update Crashes and Freezes

Folks from all over the world are reporting a wide variety of different issues with their Windows 10 computers following the release of the Windows 10 Creators Update. As is the case with most Windows updates, the aftermath of the release of the Creators Update hasn’t been pleasant from Microsoft as they have been bombarded…

Do a fresh install or repair windows using a bootable Windows USB

Thanks for these solutions, these work really well.

My PC was broken by this Fall Creators update and it all seems to stem from Microsoft developers failing to make Windows Update override sleep/power settings.
In it’s worst case the system powers down and sleeps halfway through the Windows Update - recipe for failure.

Windows 10 for me was freezing because I’d set my hard drives to spin down as part of it’s sleep profile.

About the recommendation to upgrade BIOS. When i upgraded mine to the latest version, i got problems. For instance, the computer freezed for some minutes every time during boot. The problems disappeared when i went back to the old version. In other words, upgrading BIOS can be risky.

None of the steps could be tried as windows freezes before getting into it. Even USB installs of Windows 10 with the creators update freeze. On most computers the update doesn’t install, becoming stuck in an upgrade loops resolved by disabling windows update. On all the PC that the update did install on, are too unstable to even log into a user account.
I simply installed Windows 7 on those computers, and it works fine.
Not much can be done when the Windows 10 operating system is unstable to the point of being broken. If it’s driver issues then why ship windows with non functional drivers?
I made 10 USB sticks, that all caused the identical freezing. It wasn’t a corrupt file.
I tested all hardware, and stripped them down to the bone with only a single memory stick.
Still froze within seconds.
Windows 10 is broken for most. I don’t know a single person who has a functional PC after the update that has the update installed.

thank you very much for the instructions above i’ll try them for sure.

I used all options(if necessary and available). Except AMD Cool n Quite. Quite obsolete hw(FX6300+nV750GTX-388.71+nV740GT+KingstonSSD on AMD970).Until Fallshit update just nV had trouble with fast boot 2 years ago.

Creators update 1709 a real disaster, no desktop, stuck at boot/recover loop.