6 Solutions for 'Default Gateway is Not Available' Error

Originally published at: 6 Solutions for 'Default Gateway is Not Available' Error

The “Default gateway is not available” error occurs when Windows is unable to establish a connection with the network router’s gateway. This typically indicates an issue with the router’s functionality. Restarting your router can often resolve the problem. The Default Gateway is not Available Error Message The “default gateway is not available” error can be…

yup. not isp related. semi solved by buying a new laptop.

The bandwidth might have been limited from your ISP, have you tried to reset the router and the DNS on the computer?

Had this problem as well, closing some background programs seemed to work.

I have battled this issue for weeks since getting a new HP laptop, no resolve contacting HP, no resolve changing power options/plan.
Think I finally found solution: Go into device manager, select network adapters, select wifi adapter then right click, select properties, select power management tab then uncheck the box “allow computer to turn off device to save power”.

same. anyone have a solution?

I installed older driver (2008) and it’s helped me on W10. I suffered the year and a half. Update: Demmit It happend again, I was wrong, because I have the same problem still.

For step #5 I really wanna try it because the others don’t work. But everytime I do it my pc says that the drivers might not be compatible and that my pc might not work correctly or it might even stop working completely and I’m just kinda worry it’s true. So do you have any other suggestion to fix this problem?

None of these worked on my computer. About to throw it aw7ay.

#5 is where it’s at.

Yes this did work for me! Though still get the error sometimes. But very less. I also set the metric to gateway as 5 instead of default.

Try to change DNS to and secondry dns to

Just downgrade to a previous version without deleting any files.

What are people’s thoughts on this!
Is it possible to perhaps by an external piece of h/w???
Say, one that would plug into Ethernet port and the external unit actually connect to the Wireless Router (which would interact/operate on it’s own terms with the Router, bypassing WIN10’s issue (hopefully) in this case)?!?!?
Any external Wireless systems for a PC suggestions?!?!
Absolutely PATHETIC we’d have to piss-away $$$ for this, but Microsoft will likely deny problem for months and then take many more months to actually bother to fix if they bother to admit their problem.

definitely NOT h/w issue, MS strikes again… Only having problem since going to Win10Pro1909… But, foolishly deleted old (1903) copy and can’t rollback!!! Ran REIMAGE and it didn’t help either…

Thank for sharing your insight.

-if use netbalancer util(netbalancer filter below LAN card options) ,in antivirus program change the ipv6 protocol filtering from block all to normal and no more gateway problem

doesnt help.

if it happends when you do heavy tasks like playing games or having many things open at the time, try to go into Device Manager > Network Adapter > Properties and uncheck “Allow to deactivated this device to save power”.

amazing, didn’t even knew that Microsoft would be so stupid that they would even turn off important drivers to save power. Solution 6 worked for me ! Just realised that this happened mainly when my laptop wasn’t connected to a power source