Fix: Enhancements Tab Missing

Originally published at: Fix: Enhancements Tab Missing

Enhancements tab allows you to control various settings such as “Bass Boost, Virtual Surround, Room Correction etc. The error occurs most frequently after users update from previous versions of windows. Most of the users claim to have the lost the enhancements tab during/after the update. You will be inclined to uninstall and then reinstall a lot…

I installed the default windows driver (High Definition Audio Device) and it worked perfectly UNTIL I restarted the computer, where windows automatically messed up the drivers again resulting in no sound whatsoever from the headphones.

So, his solution is good for nothing.

Thanks, now my audio doesn’t sound like a horribly compressed mp4 file

I cannot get an enhancement tab for audio control no matter what drivers or options I do. Please help

yes got the enhancements tab back… but the laptop is lagging a bit

Thanks it worked finally…

This worked for my Realtek drivers. Thanks.

This did not work for the recording tab only the playback. I still have no option for enhancements for my mic

Yeah no, this doesn’t work.

In Speaker Properties, I went on the Spatial Sound tab and selected Windows Sonic for Headphones from the dropdown. Volume increased at least 10%.

As a court reporter, the inability to tweak the sound was a very real issue. This is the only fix that (sorta) fixed the problem, as I still do not have the equalizer function, but I was able to boost volume quite a bit. My question is, why did this happen at all? This is what is wrong with Windows, the consistent inconsistency of end user product performance. Just such a hassle. I find myself sniffing out geek blogs for one oddball issue after another every time I get a new laptop. But THANK YOU Kevin Arrows!!! You helped a ton!

The option for Realtek definitely worked for me! initially I’d forgotten to restart my comp but now that I’ve done that step I can get the enhancements and get it a lot louder than it could go before, yay :slight_smile: Thanks heaps!

It worked in that I got the ‘enhancements’ option back after not having it for ages now, but it didn’t actually make my sound any louder :c enhancements always work on my windows 10 laptop, but my desktop just wants to remain as quiet as possible, I can’t even hear the voices in audiobooks from the other side of my relatively small bedroom :c

Nope, the realtek one didn’t work.

thank you. worked!

Hi There Kevin, thank you for this, managed to bring back enhancement, but feature i really love using there is “pitch shift” and it is not there! only bass boost, virtual sound, room correction and loudness equalization, hope you can help me :frowning:

That’s great and all, but where is the MUSIC equalizer? All I have is a bass boost, I want my custom equalizer back.

This was life saver. I’ve been struggeling with random volume jumping to 100%. This finally solved my issue.

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