Fix: Enhancements Tab Missing

thank you so much omg ive been searching for ages to find a solution that works and finally i have!! :smiley:

Kevin Please help me, i’ve been searching over month for this problem but even this doesnt fix my problem so please if you have skype or something to talk in details, i really appriciate !

wow. thank you so much for the help. I called HP and even they weren’t able to help me out.

Thank you Thank you Thank you. This restored the stereo sound in my HP after a windows update.

Please tell me model number of all three of your speakers.

It is possible that the Windows Update installed incorrect driver for your speakers, can you check you Windows Update history and send a screenshot here? I can check.

I have three different computers all using different types of speakers using different types of connections (HDMI ARC, optic cable, and head phone jack). All three PCs are missing the enhancement tab. I tried every method on all three computers and had no luck. Are we sure it wasn’t just removed in a Win10 update?

First, try to uninstall all the sound drivers including Realtek and Nvidias. Once that’s done try Installing the Realtek HD Audio driver again. Check to see if that resolves your issue.

Try Installing the RealTek audio drivers here is the link: Oops!

Can you tell me which method restored the enhancement tab for you exactly? So that I can guide you accordingly.

This works!!! Thanks so much!!! Spent the past hour trying different things (uninstalling the Realtek(R) Audio driver, updating automatically from the internet, etc.) to no avail!

However, this trick of updating manually via “Browse my computer for driver software” and selecting “High Definition Audio Device” absolutely did the trick! Thanks a ton!

I suggest you uninstall the Realtek driver and try using the official Microsoft driver Windows provide it should have the enhancements tab. Also, have you tried using Equalizer APO?

I disabled driver… searched, & installed via the above process. This did not work. I also tried going to the manufacture website & installed that way. That didn’t work. When I reset to default - the sound gets very garbled. When I use this solution no enhancements tab - but I can hear less garbled sound. I tried to download aftermarket equalizers… none of them have the ability to actually adjust the bass or treble. If I could just find something to do that I’d probably be okay. This all started because I put a new MB + Chipset in.

THIS WAS AMAZING! Method 2 was what I was looking for, for weeks!

Uninstall the currently installed drivers and download and install an older version of Realtek drivers from their website.

I suggest that you don’t meddle with the registry since it will only complicate things further, Follow the methods indicated in the article to bring the tab back.

Did you install the “High Definition Audio” while installing? Also, download and install the latest drivers from the Realtek site for your system and check if it helps.

Not if other sound drivers are installed

The solution is good for getting the enhancements tab back which it does. We have other articles for fending issues with a slow computer.

Unfortunately, the features have been limited with newer drivers. If you have Realtek drivers do the second method and restart the computer it should fix the enhancements tab missing issue. However, if it doesn’t try to uninstall the driver that is currently installed, install Realtek drivers and do the same method and check if it fixes the issue for you.