Fix: File Explorer Crashing After Right Click On Desktop in Windows 10

Originally published at: Fix: File Explorer Crashing After Right Click On Desktop in Windows 10

After upgrading to Windows 10 from an older version of the Operating System, many users complain of the File Explorer (explorer.exe) crashing on them whenever they right-click anywhere on their Desktop to display a context menu. This problem seems to be localized to affected users’ Desktops as it does not present itself when an affected…

You saved me, it was Nvidia CPL.

Worked for me, the culprit was “nvidia cpl context menu extension” which is surprising as it came with the PC I believe…

It worked so thanks.

Turned out to be F Secure antivirus.

The culprit was daemontools…

This might be a late response, anyway I found a possible fix for you:

  1. Open regedit.
  2. Find (or use the search function) to find the folder named: Discardable. Full path: ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerDiscardablePostSetupShellNew
  3. You will find something like this: Screenshot - 7da2e4a14db02404abff9baf759f4bd0 - Gyazo
  4. Select the ShellNew
  5. Modify the key with all the extensions listed, keep removing some you do not want or don’t use anyways, try if it works again, try and pinponit the culprit like that.(For me it was .bpm for some reason)
  6. Now don’t think you’re done because that is not a permanent fix.
  7. In the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder in regedit find the .bpm (in my case, in your case find your representing folder with a . in front).
  8. Delete de ShellNew folder in that folder.
  9. Should work now, you’re done.

Hmmm…I ran across a HP desktop who recently got updated with Windows 10.

I press right click and put the mouse on New…It freezes from a good 30 seg to 1 minute before reacting.Used ShellexView and disabled everything(as it was super late) and nothing.

Hoping you or someone can shed some light.

Great !!! it solved my problem
My Toshiba Satellite L50A using win 7 has this issue. It’s restart WindowExplorer when i click on my desktop.
Thanks you Kevin.

(Hay quá !!! Cách này đã giúp tôi giải quyết vấn đề của mình.
Máy tính Win7 của tôi báo lỗi Window Explorer Has Stop Working khi tôi click chuột phải vào màn hình.
Cám ơn bạn, Kevin

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Select the file, then press Shift+F10 to access the typical Right-Click menu. You should be able to Run As Administrator now.

TY a lot!!!

This really worked on my PC. THX!!

Thank you Kevin.
Have a new Asus laptop. After signing-in at Asus Giftbox, explorer crashes when i right click on picture files, all the others (music, documents and videos) are normal.
Followed this advise.
Found the culprit: the app Convert to PDF form Foxit Software. Uninstalled it. Now my laptop is working good.
Thank you very much.

This resolved my problem as well! Had a new laptop with new Windows 10. After hours of searching the solution on the web, finally I came across this one. Thanks a lot, Kevin!

this resolved my issue as well!

If you have Spybot installed, uninstall it. Also, check if this issue prevails in the safe mode.

I have disabled all those in pink but didn’t solve anything.

Well, rather than going through all this I just read the top comment below and just uninstalled Foxit. That solved the problem. Thank you everyone.

Thank you! My problem was fixed after i deleted Winrar (or discord), since it adds a winrar option to the context menu, which wasn’t compatible for some reason.

Great solution! Saved my day, thank you.
Using Windows 10

I hope this works, I’ve tried so many other fixes from online sites. Been going on for two weeks.

Oh My Gosh! it worked! thank you so much!