FIX: Steps to Fix Winload.EFI Error / 0xc0000001

Originally published at: FIX: Steps to Fix Winload.EFI Error / 0xc0000001

Winload.EFI Error, is pretty much self-explanatory by its name is an error that prevents Windows from loading (a Blue screen of death or BSOD). This is usually caused by corrupt boot records or incorrect boot configuration. Depending on your Operating System, the error message may vary but the keyword winload.efi will be the same. On a…

ok but im still stuck in problem blue screen

how to run ass admin , there dim i access is not denied from usbdrive but this is denid from pc , pc can fin the path like bcdedit export/ c:backup , usbdrive dont find :: )

I can’t remember the password for admin

Method 2 saved me! Thank you very much!

When I try to go to command promot from the advanced start-up menu, it doesn’t load up and gives me winload.efi error

Thank you. Learn something new everyday :slight_smile:

Thanks, saved my install that somehow got messed up by using CloneZilla and having both drives still connected when booting just now using these instructions.

Is there any other account? if not then you will have to reset the password or do a fresh install of Windows.

Have you tried to restore, is restore the only option? You can also try to repair the OS using a Bootable Windows USB.

The second fix (secure boot) worked me but with a WEIRD issue, upon every boot I’ve to change the state of the secure boot in order to have the system to load :

This is a really good article , you are good explanation.

Nothing works. The solution is ALWAYS to wipe everything out and start from scratch.


Hey I had an issue where my battery was fully charged but my laptop died if I unplugged it, then it crashed and displayed this issue. I left it alone for a few days, it started to boot normally but the battery issue still remains. Also I started to use my moms laptop and it had the same battery issue after me using it for 3 days. Help please

What is the issue you’re having with Method 3?

how do you undo method 3?

Are you able to login now but see an incorrect account?

Hi Kevin, i have done method 1, but still get the winload.efi error when i try option 2. Somehow my kid has saved the wrong microsoft account name (doesnt exist) and i can’t change it or reset my computer (windows 10). I feel defeated and am ready to call supergeek or some other professional help which i cant really afford. Ho hum

Hi there. Thanks to the first method I got my laptop going again. I’ve been online and on the phone with Toshiba and Acronis people for over 5 hours with no solutions. You guys got me going in 15 minutes. Thank you very much.

Can you elaborate? I can’t understand your problem