Fix: 'Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost'

Originally published at: Fix: 'Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost'

Users experience the error message ‘Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost’ when Unreal is unable to connect with the D3D device on your computer. This error is very common and can also occur for users who have no apparent issues on their computers. Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device…

Can you send me a photo of the distorted colors Window you are talking about?

Try solution 7, if that doesn’t fix the problem you are having. Let me know if you are using a laptop along with the model number of your laptop.

I don’t think it’s just steam. I have the same issue with Epic Launcher too

@zubyangul:disqus Thanks for your answer. I’ve just tried to do this but nothing changed. When I click the game icon I see a black screen for 5 seconds and then the game crashes. (I never achieve to play the game yet :slight_smile: ) The game actually is a demo. Winter Survival Simulator Demo. You can find it in the Steam store. Ridiculously, I think I got this error only in demo games. I had this error in a couple of more demos but to be honest I don’t remember the others.

The last thing you can try is to set the TdrDelay to 20 let me know if you find any difference in the crash time of the game. Also, Let me know which game is giving you this error we can try to remove the configuration file.

Thank you so much for your answer @zubyangul:disqus.
I’ve just checked the Lenovo website. There was no automatic driver update but I downloaded and installed the Display and Video Graphics just in case. After installation, tried to run the game and I have seen the game logo and heard the game music the very first time and thought I fixed the issue. However, after a couple of seconds, I got the same error and unfortunately, the issue still persists. :frowning:

I have tried all thing but still, have the same issue. Now I’m trying to run the Winter survival simulator demo and it doesn’t have the game settings menu so I am not able to uncheck full screen. I have a Lenovo notebook with an NVIDIA graphic card and I am getting this error in most Unreal 4 games now.

not helpful if you have a AMD Graphics Card

Turn of image sharpening if you are using it on nvidia 3d settings.

Alright so, issue appears to be solved, albeit seems little silly, but I un-ticked the “fullscreen” option in the Satisfactory game settings and it hasn’t crashed all day. Running in windowed mode now, but fullscreen but then the crashing so. Windowed it is. Thanks again for your help.

It can sometimes fix the issue because certain games can get glitched.

The first solution is absolutely unnecessary because it basically says to download an Unreal Engine E D I T O R which is used to make games from the Epic Store library. It won’t affect any games you have in your library. Did the person who wrote the article even read it ?

I play Icarus, well I try to. Sometimes I can play uninterrupted for as long as I like, other times it hangs and needs you to sign out of your account to close the game. It hangs like this after 5-10 seconds of play sometimes, very short times. But this changes from day to day, one day it is perfect and the next for no reason that I know it is unplayable. Obviously everything is identical ( software and hardware) between the two instances. If it plays as perfectly as it does sometimes its difficult to believe that there is much wrong with the game, then the next day it won’t do a thing.

@sapphiresky83:disqus Do you have more than one monitor?

have same problem… win 11 2990wx 3090 nv, problem comming with win11 , recomeding downgrade,to win 10

Which game are you trying to play? and let me know the specifications of your computer.

It seems like the update of that game isn’t sitting right with the hardware on your laptop so I suggest you report the issue to the developer and check if there is anything wrong with his side. I personally think that there is something wrong going on with your laptop hardware because you mentioned that you are getting distorted colors Window, if that’s the case, please attach the photo of those distorted colors to me as it’s possible there is something wrong with your laptop’s graphics card. Also, let me know what is the model number of your laptop?

I tried uninstalling the full game and reinstall it
(PANZER CORPS 2) from SLITHERINE GAMES and that did not fix the unreal engine problem…this game worked fine for a long time and then they came out with an update…that update messed up the game. I have updated all my drivers and tried other such fixes,still no game.

Try reinstalling, that’s way better than making a copy of that game. Simply uninstall it and install it again.