Fix: Volume Automatically Going Up/Down on Windows

Originally published at: Fix: Volume Automatically Going Up/Down on Windows

Volume automatically goes down/up, an issue that occurs due to software conflict and defective audio drivers. These reasons are the main and confirmed by the majority of users that have encountered this issue. Per our research, the leading cause of this issue is the conflict of applications like GPU and motherboard vendors. Although these applications…

If none of the software-related troubleshooting steps help, there could be a hardware issue with your computer’s audio components. In this case, you might need to consult a professional technician.

i had try all steps but not fixed my problem , i have install new window 7 still the problem is not resolved… please help me

Thanks mate,
For me it was the 1. Remove Causing Apps from Hardware Vendor Applications

Tried everything else before finding your posat

I’ve spent nearly a year now looking for a answer to this problem.
All websites just to find your comment here! Big Kisses homie

Fixed! Thank you for your suggestion :slight_smile:

IDK how I missed your reply on here. Pretty sure I tried all those things and it didn’t work. I will save the link for those drivers, but I ended up just running the sound through my TV, so I rarely bother messing with BT anymore. I mainly use my TV as my computer monitor these days, as well as for my PS5, so it’s fairly seamless to go back and forth.

I just wish the box (that comes with the headset), had all the same audio enhancements w/o needing to be directly connected to the PC. Seems like a design flaw.

Thank you so much, Craig! I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated I was when listening to music and tabbing to other programs only to find my audio levels changing. I removed all the apps here and my problem went away.

I have issue with sound going up and down real fast and then going full up and not stopping for few seconds.
I somehow thought I have dealt with it and now it came back. No idea why, almost seems like so some malware.
Solution (for now) for me was downgrading the drivers. Hopefully it will be fine from now on.

You’re welcome, unfortunately it turned out to be a temporary fix (for me), volume started getting f-d up after using my laptop a few days later. Looks like we are going to constantly uninstall that parasite driver :smiley:

Uninstall discord and reinstall it completely. Make sure all Sound drivers are up to date and also try changing the headset ports.

FIXED - Faulty volume key on the keyboard.

After spending hours to trying to figure this out, trying everything above, and many other solutions I finally figured out what was going on. The volume unit on the keyboard was faulty. After unplugging the keyboard and use the old one, problem was fixed. These volume buttons are rarely used and become faulty because of little use. Personally I would add this as the first step in this list of solutions.

Method 1 - Unplug the keyboard and see if problem still exists. .

Thank you so much, method 2 worked for me.

Coulda put the discord one first, I uninstalled drivers then saw that it could be discord Attenuation. BRUH

Install Discord on your laptop then…

You are a hero. WEEKS I’ve been searching for this bugger. I’m done with Asus software.

Never mind. Blind me. It is both stated in Method 5 and also listed in the beginning. I’m amazed I missed it twice but tried everything else :slight_smile:

OMFG thank youuuu so much!!! i swear i wanted to cry every time this happened

THANK YOU !!! I was so frustrated this has worked for me. The Asus Armoury Crate was the issue

Thank you so much …the issue was with Asus Armory Crate…deleted the profile and volume issue solved…tried everything from but nothing worked…