FIX: Windows 10 Freezes Randomly

Originally published at: FIX: Windows 10 Freezes Randomly

Windows 10 was offered as a free upgrade from your Windows Vista/7 and 8 systems. As a result, many of us did upgrade. The issues mostly encountered by the users were the incompatibility of hardware and drivers – because initially, they were designed to run on your original windows before upgrading, and after the upgrade, they…

I had that same problems with my 10-year old computer, which I just solved. Nobody suggested to check for dust accumulation blocking the air vents and the CPU cooling system. I found my CPU fan and heat sink to have an accumulation of dust so thick that the CPU was being overheated. That caused the computer to freeze and lock up. After cleaning the accumulated dust, the computer ran without glitches or freezing anymore. I think checking for blocked air circulation should be the first thing to check.
Hope this helps

Same for me. Programs wouldn’t run or anything. Changed Broadcom to MS driver and appears to be ok.

After trying every possible solution, resetting the Winsock Catalog did the trick for me. I don’t know why, but it did. Thanks for the help.

Sir which lenovo model do you have?
When I was trying to turn off link state power management in my lenovo E470 I was not getting my custom plan option. Help me please sir

I got a new gaming computer and it was randomly freezing or restarting. Tried many of the things on this list and it hasn’t froze since. Thank you so much for this.

I have a Windows 10 Laptop [Lenovo] .Works for me (so far) as suggested :

  1. Turn Off Link State Power Management;
  2. Increase Virtual Memory up to 8192.
    Thank you

windows 10 is bad. i am using windows 8.1 without any problems.

Tried everything on this list and its still freezing ASUS K501UX-DH71. Updated all drivers and even ran reimage and no luck :c It just hard freezes seemlingly completely at random, sometimes spaced over every five minutes fr hours on end, sometimes not for a week. Is there anything else I should try?
But thank yo ufor the list it was quite informative and had easy to follow instructions

I have a Windows 10 Laptop and the random freezes were driving me nuts. The “Turn Off Link State Power Management” did the trick and you saved the day.
Thank you very much for sharing this.

Mike, I’ve the same problem and so far there’s no solution even after returning it - they say it’s all fine, but tested it on Windows 10 Home.

My problem is on OS startup: Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB, both 64-bit encounter the same behavior - when I turn the laptop on, or on login screen, or right after login the OS, it freezes and will never respond. Then I’m turning it off the hard way, as no other possible, turning it on again and it always work on the second time. Yet, if you close the lid after some usage, then open it, it will work for some time and freeze again. And the model is K550VX.
When it freezes, I can hear the fans going to max speed, which is weird since I play the latest CoD with advanced graphics and it’s fine - never freezed. Most of the time it freezes when in Chrome actually, but also, as mentioned - on/after Windows login process.

have you tried a clean boot?

I too have an AcerV5 and after upgrading the RAM to 6mb and switching out the hard drive to a SSD the freezing issue was still happening. What has finally cleared it after a fresh Windows 10 install was dowloading the AMD driver tool which then upgraded all my AMD drivers for audio and graphics. Try this and see if it helps

Can you do a clean boot and then try playing the game?

Turn Off Link State Power Management,Turn off Location Service,Disable dual Screens.One of them worked for me.
Windows10 was freezing up to every two hours.Some times less.It has been two days with no freeze.Thanks

Wow! so far, the Winsock reset seems to have done the trick! It was the only trick here that I wasn’t really familiar with and, with the sudden appearance of the hangs, I was at my wits ends as to the cause… If none of your suggestions worked, I was going to do a complete re-install!


If the freezes re-appear, I’ll return and update, but so far, so good!

This seemed like the easiest thing to try, so I did it on my Dell Studio 1560 laptop two days ago and no more problems. A few days ago it was freezing up every 20 or 30 minutes. Thanks for a great suggestion.

I have my own build PC, updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10in the time it was free. Now it freezes after a random amount of time, there is no specific program that makes it freeze. From a simple click on the explorer, to doing projects in photoshop or other heavy applications. Help please! :frowning: all the guys at Microsoft suppprt couldnt fix, even after one said she did fix it with advanced Troubleshootinhg. That worked, but didnt after a reboot

I still have freezes, even after trying everything.

I have exacly the same problem. I have an Alienware and used the preinstalled Dell hardware diagnostics tool. It couldn’t find any problems