FIX: Windows 10 Freezes Randomly

Can you run a hadware diagnostics?

I run an SSD with HDD storage. I found that the system managed virtual memory setting on my HDD(where I keep all of it) was the problem. After applying your fix it worked great. Why MS insists on forcing system settings that break the OS I will never understand and this is not the first time I have had to fix forced settings. I even used some of the other fixes since they may break them later :slight_smile: Great guide, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Did that sort the freezing?

We have a separate guide for this, please see here FIX: The Driver WudfRd failed to load for the Device with Event ID 219

it doesnt matter watter game or even on the web it freezes randomly and i cant do anything so i have to hard reset and after a hard reset it doesnt turn on :confused:

Yeah, I try all this and nothing work… it just take a little longer before everything freeze. I even try to going back to Windows 8.1, but my problem is here again. I try to scan it for knowing if there is a problem with it, like near death, but the program say it’s in perfect state…

Thank you again !

Hi Kevin. Finally i’ve reupgraded my Pc to Win10. After following your fix, i still have freezes. this is the error message in event log:
The driver DriverWudfRd failed to load for the device SWDWPDBUSENUM{5a535af2-3c83-11e6-b45c-448a5b2fa5d8}#0000000000100000.

Hi Kevin
I would like to ask you about my PC freezes that occurs all the time after Windows 10 installation The problematic window appears when I turn on the laptop. the text in the window is as follow There was a problem starting C:/Windows/System 32/ logi LDA.dll. it is not a valid Windows 32 application. I am sure you would know how to fix it. Thank you in advance Nina

This is the best set of fixes I’ve been able to find, well written and easy to follow, plus great screen clips.
Thanks Kevin

I had the same issue but managed to fix. You can read below which one is causing for you.
When dealing with Windows 10 Freeze, you start to get annoyed by wild glitches, lags, and system brakes.

  1. Use Effective Antivirus For The System
  2. Update your drivers with various programs—popular driver update software DriverPack and Driver Booster.
  3. Disable unnecessary programs in the task manager in the Startup tab.
  4. Change the thermal paste on the processor or video card.
  5. If you use your PC under heavy load, more than it should be according to the technical definition, the computer will freeze.
  6. Among other problems, BIOS modification can cause the computer to freeze. When you overclock your system processor or RAM, you can quickly run into stability problems. Try to avoid making any changes (if you haven’t already). Resetting the BIOS to default can fix your freeze problem.
  7. Remove all USB devices, flash drives from the ports of your computer or laptop.
  8. Remember which application you installed last. Try to find and remove it.
  9. Remove unnecessary, unreliable programs.

Make sure that the PSU isn’t faulty, also, maybe the PC has been affected by Malware.

exact the same problem here :frowning:

When I was trying to turn off link state power management in my lenovo E470 I was not getting my custom plan option. Help me please sir

When I was trying to turn off link state power management in my lenovo E470 I was not getting my custom plan option. Help me please sir

I wonder the same, Anna. Were you able to finally resolve this? And if so, how?

Has this issue been resolved? If not, please check if there has been any updates installed by Microsoft.

Hi, I urgently need your advice and would be grateful if you kindly have some tips for me.

I am running Windows 10 Enterprise x64. After I shutdown my laptop and then after turning on again, it always hangs during boot up. Under these circumstances I usually need to force shutdown (2 or 3 times) and then it boots normally.


I’m fairly sure you can go back even after 30 days, but I haven’t tried, so I won’t guarantee that.

I’ll wager that you have some other issue besides Win 10 as being the source of your frustration.

I installed it on an older laptop as well and was shocked, to be honest, that it worked so well. The laptop runs flawlessly.

You might run an anti-virus program, if you haven’t already. I’m sure you have, of course, but perhaps it didn’t detect anything. Maybe uninstall the AV app you are using and try a different one. Don’t run two different ones simultaneously because they can wreak havoc on each other.

Your problem sounds more like a Trojan virus more than an OS issue to me. Just sayin’…

Hi, may laptop freezen when i’m playing LOL after i reinstall windows 10, i don’t know why even though i did what the instructions above told me to do, my graphic card is also updated. Can you help me? thanks in advance.