FIX: Windows 10 update stuck at 32%

Originally published at: FIX: Windows 10 update stuck at 32%

Microsoft released the Windows 10 Technical Preview in 2014, but it was not officially announced at that time. The company took a year to build the final version of Windows 10, which was released on July 29, 2015. While upgrading the operating system to Windows 10, a majority of people encounter an unpleasant issue where…

I was having this issue on my HP laptop. The only thing that fixed it was to disable the video/display adapters and revert to VGA mode. Afterwards I was able to install the latest AMD drivers. I wasted days trying to resolve this update issue. None of the solutions provided allowed things to finish Win10 update.

I don’t think so. I’m not going to factory restore a machine back to vista, install windows 7 and then try to upgrade to windows 10 with no guarantee I’m not going to have the same issue. I put off the upgrade until now, I’m not putting any more effort into it. Windows 7 is fine, when it hits end of life I’ll buy a mac.

This did not work for me. It still stops at 32%. I’m upgrading from win7.

Just incredible isnt it. Anyone can buy a laptop from any humble electronics mart, but you have to be into the detail in order to keep it running properly. Thanks, Microsoft. No wonder they failed at mobile phones.
Thanks for posting the fix, trying it now.

Kevin, I am using Samsung Laptop. It is installed with Windows 10 OS. The issue I am facing is that I have chosen “Update and Shutdown” option while shutdown the system. The it was started updating upto 30% and it got hang up for long time. Then automatically restarted to update the Windows again until 30% and hang up. I tried to restart the system by F8 key for “Start Windows with known configuration” option. But that is also not working out. My system is totally unable to use now as the Windows10 OS is not processing. Kindly advise for how to come out from this issue.

Still no dice. Updated the BIOS, have at one point or another done everything recommended from various articles online. Removed all third party applications and used MSCONFIG to do a clean boot with only MS services running, choose to do the updates later on the upgrade, this was using a new USB ISO. 9 pm last night stuck at 32 percent, 5% drivers and features, 9am this morning no change what so ever. Can’t get past the 32 percent mark.

I would suggest you try doing a clean boot and disabling all start-up programs before trying this.

You can still use the windows 7 key.

“Previously, Microsoft forced users to upgrade to Windows 10 before they could start fresh and do a clean install–which was annoyingly complicated and time-consuming. Now, things are much easier, since you can activate Windows 10 with a Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 key.Jan 13, 2016”

Please login to your existing install, and uninstall all third party programs.


Does it boots fine into the existing installation?

HP Pavilion dv5, Win7 x64 P7350 GeForce 9600M GT

What is your systems make and model?

Kevin, found your post since I am currently getting the hang at 32% when doing the Windows Update anniversary edition. I ran Windows Update Troubleshooter and it found some errors and seemed to do your Command Prompt ideas automatically. Then I went to Download Windows 10 to download Windows, since this download worked on another old computer of mine. I waited till it said Restart and pulled the ethernet cable. Now it is installing the Anniversary edition and I’ll report if it goes over 32%. It worked. So seems just need 2 steps. Download/run Windows Update TroubleShooter and ensure there is no internet connection just before you do the requested restart. THANKS

I was having the same 32% issue on a self built gaming system with an
SSD drive whilst trying the Anniversary upgrade. Did everything
recommended at various forums with no results. Replaced the SSD drive
with a spinner and the upgrade went without error.
Have no problems with the SSD drive on a daily basis. Only Windows
upgrades where the problems show up.

ASRock 970 Performance AM3+

So I have to create a system image of the SSD drive, restore it
to a spinner, do the upgrade, create an image and restore to SSD drive.
Use SSD drive until another Windows 10 upgrade and then repeat.

I would now suggest that you a do a factory reinstall of your existing operating system, and then upgrade to Windows 10 using the media tool (without running windows updates).

This will be a last resort, I’m still not finished with trying to upgrade. With the exception of the software that came with the laptop the only 3rd party software installed on this laptop is office 365 and Norton (which I disable when running the ISO from USB). I just flashed the BIOS. I’m not done yet.

I am not aware of this. BUT if this information came from the MS site, then you can go ahead and do it. You’ll need to create the bootable media (which you can do using Media Tool to burn the iso onto a usb.

If you format and do a fresh 10 install, you wont be able to avail the free upgrade. If you upgrade first, and then do a clean install (the license will be retained).