How to Fix '(Error: 0x00000709)' When Selecting a Default Printer?

Originally published at: Fix: Default Printer Error 0x00000709

There have been reports of users encountering an issue with their printers. As it turns out, upon attempting to change the default printer on their system, the “Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709)” error message is triggered. On the other hand, some users are experiencing this error message in a shared network where a…

windows 8.1 64bit here

the second method which using registry modifying works flawlessly on me

you bro, deserve a special place in heaven
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Metod-1 works for me too :wink:

Works perfect. Thanks so much!!

Thank you for the Support It works. I did the step one.


I DONT HAVE Select Windows NT.I have tried all of your suggestion and non worked.Im having trouble printing from pdf and excel since installing new printer which is HP Deskjet 1510 series (Copy 2) previous was canon. note that in my new installed printer name have copy 2 which i have no idea how it ended like that. I have been reinstall the driver of new printer and try setting up default printer, non checked.I have deleted all canon residue software.please help

thank you…its work =)

Have you tried booting into Safe Mode


which operating system is it?

Thank you! Big Help

thanks for sharing, great work!

yes, i did. But stil doesn’t works. I’ve tired another solutions and nothing. I don’t have the computer with me. Do you have another idea?

Did you follow the steps? I can fix this for you remotely if you wish.

Hey man, i’ve tried your steps. This problems happen when i try to install a new printer by net. My OS is Windows 7 and my printer HP m1132 mfp.

i followed everything you have said , but nothing changed please i need your help , i have a brother printer

That’a problem “When i open registry editor pc is shutdowen autometicaly within Second”
How to solved my

this was really helpful. thanks. other solutions did not told me to modify the name of the device. thanks a lot.

but your method didnt work for my windows 10

no its ok i found it. thx.